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Precision Universal Joints

Precision universal joints for mechanical power transmission
when perfect shaft alignment cannot be guaranteed.

Consisting of 2 forked hubs and solid pins machined from
one piece, to have an extremely compact central block.

With Plain or Needle Roller Bearings
Precision universal joints
P series universal joints are precision products consisting of forked hubs and solid pins machined from one piece, to have an extremely compact central block.

Type E universal joints are with sliding bushes while type H universal joints have needle roller bearings. Produced in one only version:
» P series according with DIN 808.

Universal joints with plain bearings are available in 2 versions:
» E series according with DIN 808.
» EB series according with DIN 808/7551.

Universal joints with roller bearings are available in 2 versions:
» H series according with DIN 808.
» HB series according with DIN 808/7551.

Every model is made by 2 hubs with forks and a central block.
Between pins and bores there are:
» P series: 4 bearings with solid pins.
» E series: with sliding bushes.
» H series: with needle roller bearings.
In the central blocks of P and E series universal joints there are the holes for lubrication.

For the H series (for high speed applications) no lubrication is needed, because the roller bearing are maintenance free.

P series joints are designed for high precision and lifetime applications.

E series joint with sliding bushes are used for low-medium speed and when some shock load can occur.

For high speed and medium torque, we suggest the type H universal joints with roller bearings. The maximum working angle is 45° for single joints, 90° for double universal joints. The maximum speed is 1000 rpm for P and E series, 4000 rpm for H series. Every execution can be supplied with extendable shaft.
The 'JXL' range of resilient couplings is able to accept angular, radial and axial misalignment, they are torsionally resilient, non-lubricating and capable of operating between temperatures of –50°C and +105°C.

The elements are flame resistant, anti-static and have NCB acceptance for use underground in coal mines number A2032.

All ATEX compliant 'JXL' anti-static / flameproof couplings are capable of accepting a momentary overload of twice nominal torque.

Couplings are selected on their ability to transmit torque between rotating shafts, with restricting factors being maximum speed and shaft diameter. (See selection notes below).

Supplied in either shaft to shaft version or flange to shaft for drives that require a flywheel connection. Flanges or hubs can be supplied in carbon steel, stainless steel and other exotic materials.

Torque in Nm = Power (Kw) x 9550
Speed (RPM)


18.5 kW at 1500 rpm

18.5 x 9550 = 117.783 Nm

Calculate the torque to be transmitted, determine the required service factor with reference to the duty factor chart, multiply the relevant duty factors together to give the required service factor, multiply the calculated torque by this factor to give the required coupling rating. Select the coupling size with reference to the continuous value, taking into account the bore diameters required.

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