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Torsional Couplings

Dampen torsional vibrations and tune mechanical power transmission systems to have critical speeds outside the operating range.

Torsional couplings from jbj Techniques for mechanical power transmission
» Solve torsional vibration problems within Diesel engine applications.
» Torsionally flexible or rigid dependant on application.
» Low weight, low moment of inertia.
» Small overall length aids equipment design.
» Enables disassembly without moving driver/driven equipment.
» Flanged versions suit SAE standard and non-standard arrangements.
» LM series design protects driver/driven equipment under stall condition.
This range of torsional couplings solve torsional vibration problems typical of those found in diesel engine applications. The torsional coupling dampens torsional vibrations and tunes the system to have critical speeds outside the operating range.
jbj Techniques Ltd can analyse the application and determine the exact torsional coupling needed for almost any application.

LF torsional couplings

Substantial shock, vibration and misalignment capabilities, maintenance free, fail-safe operation.

Characteristics and benefits of LF Torsional Couplings

The basic component of the LF torsional coupling from jbj Techniques is the unique and highly versatile elastomeric element (1).
This element can be easily mounted in a number of different ways depending on the application, and without special design changes or complex hardware modifications. The element, which is available in different materials for optimum performance, is connected to a cylindrical hub (2) with radial screws (3) and then to a flanged hub by axial (4) screws. This unique coupling design is remarkably simple, highly effective, and gives the LF torsional coupling unmatched performance capabilities.

LF type torsional coupling for mechanical power transmission

Exceptional Features
1) Free end float (Type S).
2) Substantial shock, vibration and misalignment capabilities.
3) Fail-safe operation.
4) Coupling allows “blind” connection of equipment.
5) High-speed capabilities.
6) Economic design.
7) Application versatility.
8) Low weight, low moment of inertia.
9) Free from noise and electrically insulating.
10) No lubrication, maintenance free.
11) Oil, heat and corrosion resistant elements (Hytrel®, Zytel®).
12) Easy to disconnect driver and driven without moving equipment or coupling hubs.
13) Unique “air flow” design assists in keeping components cool during operation.
14) Short profile for tight engine housing, or shaft-to-shaft requirements.
15) Easily assembled, no special bands, tools or time consuming assembly procedures.
16) Professional application assistance and expertise worldwide.
17) Torque transmission does not exert harmful reaction loads on equipment.
18) Various element materials for variation in torsional stiffness and environmental resistance.

Misalignment diagram for LF torsional couplings
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