quality products for mechanical & fluid power: www.jbj.co.uk

quality products for mechanical & fluid power: www.jbj.co.uk

Torsionally Flexible Claw Couplings

N-EUPEX® rated torque: 19 Nm to 62,000 Nm, ATEX compliant,

Complies with the current ATEX Directive for:
II 2G Ex h IIC T6 ... T4 Gb X
II 2D Ex h IIIC T85 °C ... 110 °C Db X
I M2 Ex h Mb X
ATEX compliant torsionally flexible claw couplings
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» Torque of 19 Nm to 62,000 Nm.

» Speeds up to 7,500 rpm. dependent on model
N-EUPEX® couplings are designed on a modular principle and have a very simple construction. N-EUPEX types are made up of sub-assemblies to suit requirements. The couplings are assembled by simply fitting the coupling halves together. Wear is restricted to the elastomer elements, which must be replaced at the end of their service life. Depending on type, the elastomer elements can be changed without moving the coupled machines. The coupling parts are readily available from stock and are mostly finish-machined, i.e. with finished bore, keyway, set screw and balancing. Please note that if the couplings are finished machined / bored and keyed in the jbj Techniques machine shop, the couplings will be supplied un-balanced, unless specifically requested.

The N-EUPEX coupling is available as a catalogue standard in 23 sizes with a rated torque of between 19 Nm and 62000 Nm. The coupling is suitable for use at ambient temperatures of between -30°C and +80°C. By using alternative elastomer elements, the permissible ambient temperature range can be extended to between -50°C and +100°C. Frequently, the coupling is used to connect the motor to the gear unit input shaft. The coupling is suitable especially for drives with uniform to average dynamic loads.

» Adapters and hubs: Grey cast iron EN-GJL-250
» Brake disks: EN-GJS-400 spheroidal graphite cast iron or S355J2G3 steel
» Brake drums: Grey cast iron EN-GJL-250
» Low-temperature application: Shock loads in the drive caused by e.g. starting of drives with large masses to be accelerated (e.g. in fan drives) result in high component loads, particularly at low temperatures. For such applications a particularly robust coupling series must be selected.

Elastomer element of the N-EUPEX series

Flexible element setup of the N-EUPEX series
Photograph of flexible element of the N-EUPEX series
The elements of the N-EUPEX coupling are subjected to compression. If the elements are irreparably damaged, the hub parts come into contact with metal. This "emergency operation capability" is required, e.g., in the case of fire pump drives.

Elastomer  flexible  of  the  N-EUPEX  DS  series

Flexible element setup of the N-EUPEX DS series
Photograph of flexible element of the N-EUPEX DS series
The elements of the N-EUPEX DS series are subjected to compression and bending forces. If the elements are irreparably damaged, themetal parts turn against one another without contact, and the power transmission is separated. Fitting new elements will make the coupling once more usable. The capacity of the N-EUPEX DS series to shed overloads  is especially in demand for highly sensitive machines.
For details of materials and shore hardness values please see page 2 of the technical specification catalogue.

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