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Yoke Drive Flywheel Couplings

with support bearing to centralize driving load.

Yoke drive flywheel couplings from jbj Techniques
Features and Advantages:
Absorbs vibration and shock loads (lengthening the life of your pump or gearbox components).
» Provides a steady dampening effect under load.
» Designed for maximum life (when operated at normal engine speeds, torque and alignment).
» Rugged, steel construction.
» Eliminates human error with our easy, one-piece design (perfect for a production environment)
» Operating temperatures: -40°C to +104°C (-40°F to 220°F).
» Various series for standard SAE wheels and non-standard wheels (including engine housings)
» Competitively priced and normally in stock.
Yoke drive flywheel coupling components from jbj Techniques
These drives can be customized to fit your application needs. There are thousands of these couplings in service that have been running (without failure) on tough diesel applications. There are numerous cover plate options to protect against injury from the spinning flywheel and coupling. Contact jbj Techniques technical office, telephone: +44 (0)1737 767493 or email: info@jbj.co.uk for details.
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