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Torque Limiting Couplings

Protect mechanical equipment, or its work, from damage from mechanical overload.

torque limiting couplings ~ Protect mechanical equipment, or its work, from damage from mechanical overload.

Attributes of the torque limiting coupling range:

» Torque limiting up to 23,000 Nm.

» Coupling prevents high shock loads.

» Standard brass bushes for extended durability.

» Torque adjustment possible even in assembled condition.

» Acid resistant versions available on request.

» Units finish machined to suit customer applications.
These torque limiters are designed for machines with chain, gear or belt drives to prevent overloading of sensitive motors, gearboxes and machine components.

If overloading causes the level of transmitted torque to exceed the frictional torque between the two friction discs, which is created by the pretensioned disc spring, the coupling slips and forcibly breaks the connection between the driving and driven side. When the torque subsequently falls to a level below that of the frictional force, the friction discs re-engage and torque transmission without backlash resumes.

20 different high-quality versions that can be adapted to the varying conditions of almost all drive systems are available.
torque limiting coupling assembly
High quality torque limiting couplings, fully-machined components with a special rustproof surface coating. This series of torque limiters are completely enclosed to prevent dirt from contaminating the interior. They allow stepless adjustment of the required slip torque, even when already installed.

These torque limiters have been constructed to allow easy adaptation to a wide variety of operating conditions, not only for frequent slippage at low torque, or low friction and extremely high torque, but also for all intermediate levels of torque, friction and desired service life length.

Torque limiting coupling types

With Sprocket

Torque Limiter with sprocket as unit.

Sprockets with number of teeth and
pitch according to customer‘s
request (see page 6)
torque limiting coupling with sproket
Automatic equipment.

Door and gate drives.

Adjustment drives.

Belt drives.

Torque Limiter designed for broad drive parts
in long version.

Usable for double and triple sprockets as well as for rubber belt wheels.

Can be supplied complete with sprocket
or belt wheels.
Torque Limiting coupling designed for broad drive parts in long version.
Belt wheels.

Multiple chamfer v-belt pulley.

Multiple chain drives.

General power transmission.

Materials handling equipment.

Power transmission equipment.
With Spidex®

Torque Limiter for protection against overload between two shafts.

Rotary elastic torque limiter can
be axially stretched.

Variable elasticity due to different shore hardnesses of the elastic part.
torque limiting coupling with spidex
General mechanical design.


Power transmission motors.

Belt drives.
With Dentex®

Torque Limiters with universal joints and rigid connection of two axle shafts.

Large axial, radial and angle flexibility
due to double universal joints.

Axially assemble.
torque limiting coupling with dentex
General mechanical design.

Design of drives of low demands.

Low number of revolutions.

High axial, radial and angular deviations.
With Chain Sprocket

Torque Limiter as chain coupling for high  temperature areas and other high demand for the connection of 2 shafts.

Small axail, radial and angular 
deviations possible.

Temperature up to 280°C possible.

Low revolutions.
torque limiting coupling with chain sprocket
General mechanical design.

Materials handling equipment.

Power transmission equipment.

When exposed to high demand and high temperature.
With LF Torsional Coupling

Torque Limiter for protection against overload between two shafts.

Highly elastic, considerable capability of change of position (axial, radial and angular changes).

Considerable, angular elasticity, because of 60° shore hardness of the coupling element, this results in strong shock and vibration dampening.
torque limiting coupling with torsional coupling
General mechanical design.


Suited for internal combustion engines.

General power transmission.
Specification of torque limiting couplings found in this on-line » catalogue « link

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