quality products for mechanical & fluid power: www.jbj.co.uk

quality products for mechanical & fluid power: www.jbj.co.uk

Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

» What is your application?
» Which hydraulic pump or motor would best serve your purpose?
» Which size and specification of pump or motor will safely and cost effectively fulfill your requirements?

jbj Techniques Limited supply a wide range of high quality hydraulic pumps and motors to suit a wide range of applications. To suit manufacturing process industry, factory machines, test rigs and test benches, commercial vehicles, agricultural and heavy plant machinery, lifting machinery, mining industry, offshore industries and renewable energy technologies, a vast range of hydraulic systems. Most standard pumps and motors Groups 1, 2 and 3, and micro pumps held in stock for quick delivery. Other sizes, mountings and specifications on request when we will do everything possible to accommodate your needs.
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gear pumps


These hydraulic gear pumps have high overall efficiencies, normally above 90%. The product range is available in various mounting formats including SAE and DIN. A complete range of reversible units and gear motors compliment the range of hydraulic pumps and motors for all types of industrial process, heavy plant, agricultural and commercial equipment. Read more . . .
vane pumps


All the components subject to wear are contained in a cartridge unit that can be easily removed for inspection and/or replacement without disconnecting the pump from the circuit, drastically reducing expensive machine down time. Read more . . .
screw pumps


These screw pumps are volumetric self-priming screw pumps suited to handle oils and liquids with a minimum lubricating quality. The design simplicity makes these screw pumps intrinsically reliable and efficient. Read more . . .
low speed, high torque hydraulic motors


Fixed displacement, conform to ATEX directive 94/9/EC, up to 50 rotational direction changes per second, high starting torque, total efficiency up to 96%.
Read more . . .
Elika low noise, low pulsation helical gear pumps


The low noise, low pulsation gear pump reduces noise level by an average of 15 dBA. The helical profile of the gears reduces pressure oscillations and vibrations produced by the pump, transmitted to the other components, reducing the noise of the hydraulic system. Axial forces induced by the helical teeth are optimally balanced in all operating conditions by the axial compensation system integrated in the pump cover. Read more . . .
FEA image for high pressure gear pump shaft seal


A special radial sealing system driven by customer demand. Gear pump high pressure, teflon shaft seal can bear over-pressures of over 210 bar.
The Teflon (P450) material adapts evenly to the texture of the machining on the shaft to guarantee a perfect seal. Read more . . .
coupling bellhousing pump combinations

A helpful guide to pump drive selection »

How to select the right pump drive for an application ~ learning the basics.
Read more (link) . . .
High quality mechanical and fluid power products are always available straight from our comprehensively stocked warehouse, but, we are more than that! If you need more, be it the smallest drive component through to complex drive line component packages, then speak to our experienced sales team who will provide a solution based upon your application requirements.
DC Power Units /
Mini Power Packs:
dc power units / mini power packs
» 12 to 72 VDC voltage range
» 1.0 to 11.6 cc pump displacements
» 275 bar maximum pressure
» 0.946 to 15.14 litre capacity reservoirs
See further details here . . .
High pressure from low pressure
hydraulic power source:
pressure intensifiers
Pressure Intensifiers; high pressure obtained from low pressure hydraulic power sources. Achieve high pressure from low pressure hydraulic power sources. Advantageous where space is of a premium in existing or new hydraulic circuits. See further details here . . .

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