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Fluid Power Accessories

A comprehensive range of accessories for use within many areas of industry.

fluid power accessories
Visual level gauges up to 2 metres in length with/without electrical contacts, bulls eye level gauges and viewing windows offer a versatile solution to monitoring fluid quality and volume within a reservoir.

Filler/breather assemblies for top or side entry, magnetic core and drain plugs and fixed thermostats for high temperature sensing complete the range. These products are manufactured using the most suitable and high quality materials, undergoing stringent inspection before delivery. There is also a bespoke production service available on request. New brass and zinc coated products added to the range. See catalogue link below.
fluid power accessories
Fluid level indicators; electrical, visual and combination styles available in single or double format with the capacity for multiple level indication on request. Right angle versions for side entry into reservoirs. Units are available with flame proof head to EEXD standard and are supplied with certification. Combinations of level and high temperature sensing are also available. Can be supplied with flying leads or DIN plug connection on request.

Filler/breather assemblies for top or side entry, magnetic core and drain plugs, thermostatic valves, thermostats for use within hazardous areas and fixed thermostats for high temperature sensing complete the range.
Die cast aluminium reservoirs with capacities from 5 to 130 litres.
Die cast aluminium reservoirs with capacities from 5 to 130 litres. Lids in flat or drip tray format manufactured in steel or aluminium.

Modular lid assembly for 13 and 30 litre reservoirs reduce labour requirements to a minimum. Hydraulic tanks from jbj Techniques Limited are made of high quality cast aluminium. They offer twice the heat dissipation as steel, and do not have to be painted or have the concerns of corrosion that are often associated with steel tanks.
fluid level indicators
Achieve maximum machine performance using hygroscopic breathers, a unique filtration process to treat the cause not the symptom. Manufactured with a hygroscopic agent, they have the capability to extract water vapour from the air as it is drawn through the unit. Accompanying solid particles are then removed by a patented polyester fabric filter, allowing only clean, dry air to enter the system.
hygroscopic breathers

A few examples of the myriad of fluid power accessories available from jbj Techniques Limited

FMC/LS Magnetic filter with dipstick and breather.

Magnetic dipstick built into breather plug. Galvanized-steel cover vents internal pressure and keeps out foreign bodies during the intake stroke. The magnetic dipstick is composed of permanent magnetic sections in special alloy with wide-radius action. The non-magnetic coating is smooth for easier, better cleaning. Recommended for grinding machines, hydraulic units and large tanks. Different lengths supplied on request.

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OBLÒ Inspection porthole or liquid level Ø 148 mm.

Made of aluminium light alloy with tempered glass; supplied complete with gum washers, anchor screws and O-ring.
For the tightening to build a central hole of 148 mm and 8 threaded holes M6 arranged 45° on a diameter with inter-axis of 180 mm.
The thickness of the reservoir must not be less than 5 mm.

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GTSF Level indicator unit with breather plug.

This unit was designed to satisfy both technical and economical requirements, because it can be applied with a single hole obtaining three services: oil filling, vapour venting, level indication. Avoid contact with alcohol, solvents and paints on transparent window.

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TCAR Filler breather cap.

With breather and trap for oil pre-filtering, made entirely of chromed steel with bayonet plug mount.
Supplied with screws and seals for immediate use. The air filter contained in the plug is available at 10 microns and 40 microns. Especially designed for hydraulic power units and tanks.

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PLE Vertical level indicator with electrical contact.

Fluid reservoir control. Protection in black anodised aluminium alloy and transparent part in polyamide. The electrical sensor indicates through a visual signal the attainment of the minimal level of the fluid. The contacts are normally opened, they close to the attainment of the minimal level. Supplied complete with connector and 2.5 metre cable. Electrical characteristics: For further information please request the electrical plan.Link to technical data for this product.

TLAXP Visual level indicator in steel with glass for high pressure.

Body made in nickel plated steel and transparent inspection window in glass. Suitable for high pressures max 30 bar. Suitable for high and low temperatures from -30°C to +250°C max.Application: Compressors, construction machinery and earth moving.
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