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Fluid reservoirs / tanks

Hydraulic tanks from jbj Techniques Limited are made of high quality cast aluminium.

Fluid reservoirs / hydraulic tanks from made of high quality cast aluminium.

Die cast aluminium reservoirs with capacities from 5 to 130 litres.

Lids in flat or drip tray format manufactured in steel or aluminium.

Modular lid assembly for 13 and 30 litre reservoirs reduce labour requirements to a minimum.


» Al-Reservoirs NG3.5 – NG130.
» Made of aluminium - high thermal conductivity.
» Easy mounting and simple handling.
» Standard-Al-Tanks are stackable.
» No additional painting required.
» Mineral-oil resistant oil drip-tray gaskets are available.
» Oil drip-tray gasket NG30, 44, 70, 130.
» A large number of accessories available.
» Cleaning covers, oil level gauges, filler and breather filler.
» Screw-in heating rods for hydraulic oil.
» Plunger heater.
» Customised design possible.
Al-Reservoirs NG3.5 – NG130 volume / cooling capacity data table
Hydraulic tanks from jbj Techniques Limited are made of high quality cast aluminium.

They offer twice the heat dissipation as steel, and do not have to be painted or have the concerns of corrosion that are often associated with steel tanks.

Link to new NG130 (pdf file). New standard cast aluminium hydraulic reservoirs with 123 litres of useable volume.
NG130 123 litres of usable volume
Specification of fluid tanks / reservoirs found in this on-line » catalogue « link

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