quality products for mechanical & fluid power: www.jbj.co.uk

quality products for mechanical & fluid power: www.jbj.co.uk

New FLENDER distribution partnership in the UK

The engineering expertise to specify & supply the correct coupling to the needs of your system.

Flender have now partnered jbj Techniques Limited as the official partner for the Flender couplings range in the United Kingdom. jbj Techniques has a wealth of experience in established and niche applications.
With close support from FLENDER due to the UK partnership agreement jbj Techniques offer quick delivery and in-house machine shop for exact fit to your application machinery. jbj Techniques has a wealth of experience in established and niche applications. Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable people, to get what you need, to you, as soon as possible, to the correct specification, to keep your machinery running and doing what you need it to do!
Telephone: +44 (0)1737 767493 or email: info@jbj.co.uk
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Flexible Couplings

Torsionally flexible Flender couplings have a wide range of possible applications. A broad standard modular system as well as specially designed, application specific couplings, are available.
N-Eupex couplings
cam couplings
Rated torque: 19 Nm to 62,000 Nm
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Rupex couplings
pin-and-bush couplings
Rated torque: 200 Nm to 1,300,000 Nm
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N-Bipex couplings
jaw couplings
Rated torque: 12 Nm to 4,650 Nm
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Highly Flexible Couplings

ELPEX® couplings are free of circumferential back-lash. Their damping capacity and low torsional stiffness make them especially suited for coupling machines with strongly non-uniform torque characteristics or large shaft misalignment.
Elpex couplings
elastic ring couplings
Rated torque: 1,600 Nm to 90,000 Nm
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Elpex-B couplings
elastic tire couplings
Rated torque: 24 Nm to 14,500 Nm
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Elpex-S couplings
rubber disk couplings
Rated torque: 330 Nm to 63,000 Nm
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Torsionally Rigid Couplings

For transmission of high torques, we offer both ARPEX® all-steel couplings and ZAPEX® gear couplings in a range of versions.Their purposes of application vary according to specific requirements with respect to shaft misalignment, temperature and torque.
Zapex couplings
gear couplings
Rated torque: 1,300 Nm to 7,200,000 Nm
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Arpex couplings
high performance couplings
Rated torque: 1,000 Nm to 588,500 Nm
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N-Arpex couplings
all-steel couplings
Rated torque: 92 Nm to 2,000,000 Nm
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Backlash Free Couplings

The vibration-damping, electrically insulating plug-in BIPEX-S® elastomer couplings and SIPEX® metal bellows couplings with very high torsional stiffness deliver especially isogonal torque transmission.
Sipex couplings
Rated torque: 0.1 Nm to 5,000 Nm
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Bipex-S couplings
Rated torque: 0.1 Nm to 5,000 Nm
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FLUDEX® Hydrodynamic Fluid Couplings

Hydrodynamic fluid couplings operate on the Fottinger principle. FLUDEX® couplings limit starting and maximum torque in the drive train and, through the property of rotational slip, serve as an aid to starting the motor, as overload protection in the event of fault and for isolating torsional vibration. To compensate for shaft misalignment, the FLUDEX coupling is combined with a displacement coupling e.g. of the N-EUPEX type.

The coupling parts on the input and output sides are not mechanically connected to each other. Output is transmitted via the oil filling which rotates in the coupling and is conducted over radially arranged blades. FLUDEX couplings limit starting and maximum torque in the drive train and, through the property of rotational slip, serve as an aid to starting the motor, as overload protection in the event of fault and for isolating torsional vibration.
Hydrodynamic fluid coupling
hydrodynamic fluid couplings
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When large masses are started up, the drive train is accelerated only at the torque determined by the coupling characteristic. The starting operation is spread over time, the driven machine started softly and smoothly. In the case of special operating conditions, such as overload or blocking of the driven machine, the FLUDEX coupling limits the maximum torque load and prevents the inert effect of the rotating motor mass on the drive train. The coupling then acts as a load-holding safety clutch until the drive is shut off by the motor control or coupling monitoring system. The FLUDEX coupling further acts as a means of decoupling during torsional vibration excitation.
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NEW N-EUPEX® DK coupling

The new double-cardanic coupling design compensates for not only a greater range of shaft angle offsets, but also a considerably greater radial offset so that shaft ends can be connected in a manner that offers the drive greater protection. With this two-joint version, compensation for radial offset that occurs between the shaft ends is enabled by a corresponding angle of inclination in the elastomer joints. This increases the range of possible radial offset by more than a multiple of four. Shaft ends that are not 100% in alignment present a significant problem especially in pump applications. In such cases the N-EUPEX DK provides a solution for many problems. Depending on the coupling length and size, it enables compensation for a radial offset of up to 3 mm.
Type DK couplings in the size range from 68 to 225 are appropriate for long and trouble-free operation, particularly for pump applications, because they enable compensation for large shaft offsets as a consequence of thermal expansion, for example. Due to very low restoring forces, the coupling provides a smooth solution in difficult and demanding cases.Suitable for use in potentially explosive areas.
ATEX certification on request.
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Mechanical power transmission couplings . . .

1) What is your application?

2) Which power transmission coupling would best serve your purpose?

3) Which size & specification of coupling will safely and cost effectively fulfill your requirements?
There are a range of factors when selecting the most suitable coupling for your application.

Contacting jbj Techniques for helpful, friendly advice is definitely a good idea. Before doing so why not be prepared with some useful information first.

The range of Flender couplings showing the different types in a selection criteria, quick reference grid.

Pages 1 to 17 cover many considerations in the selection of the right coupling for mechanical power transmission.

Railway Couplings

Couplings for rail vehicles have to fulfill numerous requirements during everyday use, sometimes in extreme conditions. With this in mind, Flender focuses on reliability and safety during both the design and the production of rail couplings and regularly subjects them to tests.

FLENDER Railway Couplings offer:
» High quality.
» 100% component traceability.
» Great depth within an extensive product range.
» Component compatibility with Flender gear units for rail vehicles.
» Low maintenance costs and a high level of serviceability.

The Flender product range comprises couplings for partially and fully suspended drives which can be mounted between motor and gear unit or gear unit and wheel-set shaft. Axle loads of up to 32 t, motor speeds of over 6,000 rpm and driving speeds of more than 400 km/h create high forces,which our couplings are designed to withstand.We have tested all model series under extreme conditions so as to guarantee maximum reliability. We offer a broad range of products in all necessary sizes and designs as standard.
ZBG series railway couplings
ZBG series read info . . .
LBK series railway couplings
LBK series read info . . .
GKG series railway couplings
GKG series read info . . .
MBG series railway couplings
MBG series read info . . .
MBG-ISO series railway couplings
MBG-ISO series read info . . .
ARS series railway couplings
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