Elpex highly flexible couplings available from jbj Techniques Limited

www.jbj.co.uk/couplings.html#flender 11 #DriveLineHarmony ELPEX-S Series Introduction Highly Flexible Couplings Complies with the current ATEX Directive for: II 2GEx h IICT4 ... T3Gb X Coupling suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. II 2DEx h IIICT120 °C ... 160 °CDb X I M2 Ex hMb X (Type EST is not available in Ex version.) ELPEX-S couplings are highly torsionally flexible and because of their low torsional stiffness and damping capacity are especially suitable for coupling machines with a highly non uniform torque pattern. Standard ELPEX-S coupling types are designed as flange-shaft-connections or shaft-shaft connections. Application-related types can be implemented on request Benefits The ELPEX-S coupling is suitable for horizontal and vertical mounting positions or mounting at any required angle. The coupling parts can be arranged as required on the shafts to be connected. ELPEX-S couplings are especially suitable for reversing operation or operation with changing directions of load. The rubber disk elements are fitted virtually without backlash and give the coupling linear torsional stiffness, i.e. the torsion stiffness remains constant even when the load on the coupling increases. There are 4 different rubber element versions with different grades of torsional stiffness available for each size from stock. The ELPEX-S coupling is available as a catalog standard in 12 sizes with rated torques of between 330 Nmand 63000 Nm. The rubber disk element is vulcanized onto a flange on the inside diameter. The flange can mount e.g. a taper clamping bush or a hub. On its outer diameter the rubber disk element has driving teeth, which are inserted into the outer flange. The torque is transmitted positively between the rubber disk element and the outer flange. In the type for shaft-shaft connection the outer flange is screwed to a flange hubmounted on amachine shaft. The coupling is suitable for ambient temperatures of between -40 °C and +120 °C. The ELPEX-S coupling is frequently used for diesel motor drives or reciprocating compressor drives. There are outer flanges with different connection dimensions available for each coupling size. Design &Configurations On certain types the flexible rings can be changed without having tomove the coupledmachines. Application If substantial overload occurs, the rubber disk element of the coupling is irreparably damaged, the coupling throws the load and thus limits the overload for particular operating conditions. The coupling can be inserted and fitted blind e.g. in a bell housing. Because the different rubber versions enable the torsional stiffness to be adjusted to meet requirements, the coupling is also suitable for drives which require a specific and preferably precalculated torsional vibration behaviour setting.