Flender mechanical power transmission railway couplings available from jbj Techniques Limited

ON THE MOVE FOR 36 YEARS Flender ZBG for high-speed and underground trains – we use the world’s best coupling to make track changes simple. FLENDER COUPLINGS RAIL COUPLINGS Gear couplings from the Flender ZBG series make the best possible contribution to safeguarding the maximum availability of your rail vehicle – whether it is an underground train or a high speed train. Comprehensive test runs involving continuous operation and interpolated empirical values indicate a 99.9% chance of a 36 year service life. A life spent travelling Millions of kilometres of track, icy Siberian temperatures, extreme heat, maximum starting torques and revolution speeds, extremely dusty conditions, axial or radial jolts at high speeds – whatever route you use it on, the grease lubricated Flender ZBG is always in its element. First-class service at a standard price We help you to reduce costs as the long maintenance intervals of Flender ZBG gear couplings keep their life cycle costs to a minimum. The components are maintenance-free for up to three million kilometres of travel or a running time of up to 12 years. We also get your vehicle back on the rails quicker as the main Flender ZBG inspection can be combined with checks on both the motor and the gear unit; these no longer have to be inspected separately. Thanks to the integrated grease nipple, relubrication takes less than two minutes. More than 50,000 couplings supplied; more than 1,8 Mio years of cumulative operating time: we have tested and monitored the Flender ZBG gear coupling over many years of use. Not once have we found a technical fault with the gear pairings. Even with high mileage and an average of eight to ten years without a grease change, the low-wear Flender ZBGonly has aminimal amount of surface burnishing. Endurance testing Outstanding performance at maximumcapacity When using gear couplings on high-speed trains, physical load limits are far from rare. Following years of use in real-life conditions, we can confirm that the Flender ZBG gear couplings offer an outstanding performance and the utmost in safety. The approach journeys, switch cross-ings and high- speed journeys simulated within the scope of performance tests have shown that this particular coupling has clear load reserves. Axial jolts are absorbed by damping end stops; radial jolts are compensated for by the constant gap between hinge points. This means there can be no contact between metal components within the coupling. The Flender ZBG coupling is also weight-optimized. Heavy parts are directly attached to the motor or gear unit shafts; the coupling’s inner components compensate for any operational misalignments. The patented slip hub protects the drive system. Short- circuit torques of the motor are restricted with a tolerance of +/– 15%. Sealed grease chambers also prevent the lubricant from escaping. The potential fire risk that exists with conventional couplings is therefore eliminated. 4 www.jbj.co.uk/couplings.html#flender