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New distribution partnership in the UK: We have now partnered with jbj Techniques Limited as the official partner for our whole couplings range in the United Kingdom and kicked off our cooperation by a digital signing of the partnership contract. JBJ has a wealth of experience in established and niche applications, such examples are: Mechanical drives for subsea wave energy, steel works crucible handling equipment or marine winch drives. We are happy to have them on our side for our UK coupling customers, especially for the supply of the recently optimized N-EUPEX! Get to know the industry benchmark in couplings and reach out to , Mat Jackson Product Manager Couplings at Flender UK, and , Managing Director at JBJ Mike Davis for further queries. Learn more about our couplings range here: #flender #couplings #neupex #newpartnership #cooperation #WeMoveTheWorld FLENDER Flender 9,544 followers 1w • 10 February 2021 Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings #DriveLineHarmony ii

The details contained within this catalogue are reproduced in accordance with the latest information at going to press E & OE Page Life Cycle N-EUPEX / RUPEX. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Maintenance N-EUPEX / permissible torsional backlash . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 ® AIQ Detect ................................................................. 3-4 ® AIQ Hardware............................................................... 5 ® AIQ AnalyticsProfessional..................................................... 6 ® AIQ CoreDataSheet......................................................... 7 ® AIQ Core Quick Starting Guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 ® InstallationAIQ Core.......................................................... 9-11 ® AIQ Settingup .............................................................. 12 Coupling designs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 - 14 jbjTechniquesLimitedintroduction ............................................... 15-18 Introduction Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings iii #DriveLineHarmony AIQ Core AIQ Core Torque AIQ Edge AIQ Detect

#DriveLineHarmony N-EUPEX / RUPEX Flender Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings available from jbj Techniques 1 Failure Probability Life Cycle N-EUPEX / RUPEX default rate time early defaults Wrong coupling selection/design Wrong assembly/alignment Transport damage Progressive wear due to material aging lifetime: 1 to 8 years Standard operation wear provided accelerated defaults

#DriveLineHarmony Maintenance N-EUPEX Maximum permissible torsional backlash In order to calculate the torsional backlash, rotate one coupling half without applying torque up to the stop. Mark both of the coupling halves in the way shown in the diagram below. Turn the coupling part in the opposite direction up to the stop. The markings on both halves will then move apart. The distance between the markings corresponds to the torsional backlash. Figure 8.1 Markings for calculating the torsional backlash Table 8.2 Maximum permissible torsional backlash for the types A and B (sizes 58 to 250). Size 58 68 80 95 110 125 140 160 180 200 225 250 Maximum permissible torsional backlash DS 5.5 5.5 5.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0 8.5 9.0 10.0 V Flender Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings available from jbj Techniques 2 DSV

#DriveLineHarmony Visual Feedback about coupling status: (OK) Green (Warning / Change elastic elements) Yellow (Critical warning) Red Standard Connector - M12 / 8 Pin » 24V Power supply » Analog 4…20mA output » Speed signal » Bluetooth connection - upgradable » Integration in AIQ portfolio and AIQ inside » Configurable outputs Flender Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings available from jbj Techniques 3 AIQ Detect Hardware: Two small magnets + sensor. By measuring the time difference between 2 points in a rotating system, the rotational speed and torsional angle can be determined. Continuous torsional angle monitoring as enabler: » detection detect of wear condition of the elastomers. » detection of operating faults (continuous very large torsional angle in the coupling. Sensor in combination with a new coupling » Coupling equipped with magnets » Including Manual and AIQ Detect sensor » Coupling equipped with magnets » W/O AIQ Detect sensor » Optional package RETROFIT completes the coupling monitoring Coupling prepaired / AIQ Detect ready » Includes magnets and AIQ detect sensor Retrofit Installation tool » Includes special drill and universal installation sticker Magnets - Only two magnets required. ATEX approval pending.

#DriveLineHarmony Flender Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings available from jbj Techniques 4 RPM 3 8 7 6 5 2 1 4 +24V GND Brown Wire Blue Wire General » IP67 protection class. » CE / EAC Certification. » Wi-Fi (option for online mode). » Bluetooth (option for local mode). » Operating voltage 24 V DC. » Dimensions 70 × 70 × 35 mm. Wear Detection » Hall sensors detect the wear of the elastic elements. » Connection to PLC. » Analog output / 4 to 20 mA signal. » High resolution. » Integrated intelligence. Speed Measurement » Hall sensors detect every rotation of the coupling. » Connection to PLC. » Digital output / pulse signal. » High resolution. Status Detection » Sensor detects the status of the coupling continuously. » Connection to PLC. » Digital output. » Integrated failure detection. Functions » Detects wear of elastomer elements. » Measures speed. » Maintenance forecast. » Failure detection. » Configurable output signals. » Firmware upgrades via AIQ app. PIN ASSIGNMENT (device side) 1 Not connected 2 +24 V DC 3 Analog output (4 … 20mA) Wear 4 Not connected 5 Speedometer signal 24 V Speed 6 Digital output 24 V 0.2 A Status 7 GND 8 Custom input Option 4 Online Cloud connection via AIQ Core (Additional hardware required). Option 3 Bluetooth Local mode: Bluetooth connection to smartphone via AIQ app. Option 2 Signal connection Offline mode: signal connection to customer control (PLC). Option 1 Visual Offline mode: visual status view LED light. Use and Connectivity Options

#DriveLineHarmony Flender Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings available from jbj Techniques 5 AIQ Hardware Monitoring & Maintenance Dynamic Maintenance Imbalance monitor Condition Monitoring Instructions & support AIQ Core Performance & Prediction Load under control Optimize processes Preventive analytics Clear recommendation AIQ Core Torque AIQ Edge Drivetrain & appl. GBX Extend with add. sensor Specific analytics Monitor the drivetrain Coupling monitoring Wear detection Standalone or connected Onboard analytics AIQ Detect Video showing the simple fitting of the AiQ Detect device.

Functions » Remaining useful lifetime for inner components » Guided inspection in case of alarm. » Detailed recommendation for alarms and process improvement » Application specific analysis (e.g. belt slip, tilt monitoring . . .) Connectivity » Wi-Fi for AIQ dashboard. » Bluetooth for AIQ app. » Cloud2Cloud connection. Use cases » Permanent Online (via Wi-Fi). Benefits » Standard for all AIQ edge. » Assistance in inspection tasks. » Clear recommendation. » Process improvement. » Track application specific operation condition. AIQ Analytics Professional Dashboard & App Process specific analytics Detailed recommendation Component Monitoring #DriveLineHarmony Dashboard & App PC webpage App available for iOS and Android App connection possible without registration (via Bluetooth) Data transparency Functions » Overview of long-term trend data. » Report functionality. » Alarm management. » Status overview of all assets. » Oil lifetime calculation. » Process overview. (requires AIQ core torque) Connectivity » Wi-Fi for AIQ dashboard. » Bluetooth for AIQ app. Use cases » Offline use (via AIQ app). » Manually online using Bluetooth (via AIQ app). » Permanent Online (via Wi-Fi). Benefits » Standard for all AIQ products. » Available for free. » Service & maintenance support. » Simplifies maintenance. » Alarm information. » Basic condition monitoring. » Check asset status remotely from anywhere. AIQ Analytics Standard Flender Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings available from jbj Techniques 6

#DriveLineHarmony 3 8 7 6 5 2 1 4 +24V GND Brown Wire Blue Wire USE CASES AND CONNECTIVITY Option 1 Offline mode: signal connection to customer control (PLC) Option 2 Local mode: bluetooth connection to smartphone AIQ app Option 3 Online mode: Wi-Fi connection to AIQ inside / Cloud to Cloud Signal connection Bluetooth Wi-Fi Manual data upload 24 Flender Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings available from jbj Techniques 7 AIQ Core Data Sheet Analytic And Functions » Calculation of remaining oil lifetime. » Operating temperature and warm-up notification. » Alarming (oil status pin 6, overall pin 4, digital). » Imbalance monitoring. » Vibration KPIs (aRMS, vRMS …). » Frequency selective analytics (optional). » Maintenance tasks and support. » Operating state (e.g. operation hours / start-up counter). General » IP67 protection class. » CE / EAC Certification. » Wi-Fi (option for online mode). » Bluetooth (option for local mode). » Operating voltage 24 V DC. » Dimensions 70 × 70 × 35 mm. Speed Measurement » Hall sensor detecting teeth of one of the gears. » Connection to PLC. » Digital output pin 5 / pulse signal. » High resolution. Temperature Measurement » PT-1000 oil sump temperature measuring. » Connection to PLC. » Analog output pin 1 (0 … 20 mA). » Temperature range: -40°C … +135°C. Vibration Measurement » 3-axis vibration sensor included. » Connection to PLC. » Measurement range: 1 Hz … 6,3 kHz. » Analog output pin 3 (4 … 20 mA), vRMS (DIN 10816-3). Pin Assignment (device Side) 1 Analog output (4 … 20mA) temperature 2 +24 V DC 3 Analog output (4 … 20mA) vRMS 4 Digital output 24 V 0,2A gear unit status 5 Speedometer signal 24 V speed 6 Digital output 24 V 0,2 A oil temp. warning 7 GND 8 Custom input

#DriveLineHarmony Flender Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings available from jbj Techniques 8 AIQ® Core Quick Starting Guide General Information IMPORTANT: Please refer to the documentation supplied with the device before connecting and commissioning the device. You can request the complete documentation for the device from jbj Techniques Limited, technical office, telephone: 01737 767493 or email: This symbol refers to detailed information in the user manual. Safety Notifications The device AIQ Core is not subject to the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The AIQ Core device must not be used for safety relevant tasks and critical switching operations. The device may only be used within the restrictions of use specified in the technical data. AIQ Core equipment may only be installed, operated, and maintained by qualified personnel who have been trained in accordance with the applicable regulations. The device is configured for a specific gearbox for monitor-ing machine-related vibrations. Do not use this device on another gearbox. Scope of delivery » AIQ Core Logic Module. » AIQ Core Retrofit Kit Sensor Interface. » 3x mounting screw (M6x14). » 1x O-ring for sealing the device. » 3x housing screw (2.5 x 10mm) » 1x sticker » 1x mounting adapter AIQ Core » 1x Mounting Kit Temperature Sensor » 1x Mounting kit speed sensor If the sensor is ordered together with a FLENDER gear unit, the sensor is already mounted on the gear unit. 1) Display & Control Elements 1. LED: Power supply 1Hz flash: Boot. 5Hz flash: Sensor Error. Permanent light: Device ready for operation. 2. LED: Status 1 Hz flash: Action/Service at gear unit needed. 2Hz flash: Alarm. Permanent light: Gear Unit is ok. 3. LED: Link lights up when the network connection is active. 1 Hz flash: Bluetooth connection is active. When Bluetooth teach-in mode is activated, the LEDs flash clockwise one after the other. Read the user manual for more details on dis-play and controls or use the HELP section of the AIQ App 2 3 1 i

#DriveLineHarmony Flender Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings available from jbj Techniques 9 2) Installation AIQ Core Before using the equipment for the first time, ensure that the equipment is not damaged before installation. If in doubt, you should contact a qualified electrician or jbj Techniques Limited technical office, telephone: 01737 767493 or email: 2.1 Device Mounting If the sensor is ordered together with a FLENDER gearbox, the sensor is already mounted on the gearbox. In this case, proceed to point 2.2. When ordering the sensor for an operating gearbox, a drawing is enclosed with the device showing the best mounting position. 1. Prepare the mounting surface for installation of the device. The device should ideally be mounted above the input shaft on the gearbox housing. A system structure that is as rigid as possible should be en-sured. The ideal positioning can be viewed in the en-closed sheet "Positioning". Note: Mounting on covers is not recommended and leads to incorrect measurement results in vibration measurement. 2. Prepare threaded hole according to sketch. A reduction >Ø 25mm is recommended to compensate for unevenness on the gearbox surface. Note: Alternatively, the mounting adapter can be glued using an adhesive suitable for vibration measurements (e.g., Loctite 330). 3. Clean the attachment surface and protect it from corrosion with suitable aids. 4. Attach the mounting adapter with cylinder head bolt (M6x14), paying attention to the orientation. Note: The final cable routing is specified hereby. 5. Attach sensor interface to mounting adapter (M6x14). i !

#DriveLineHarmony 6. Insert O-Ring (60x2mm) Pos.1 into the sealing groove. 7. Put on AIQ Core logic module and screw in housing screws with a torque of 0.8Nm. (Torx Plus 8). 8. The temperature sensor is fed into the oil chamber below the vent screw via the adapter. To do this, re-move the breather on the gearbox (Pos. 1). Subsequently, the adapter (Pos. 2) is screwed into the same place and the temperature sensor of the AIQ Core is inserted into the tube via the Skintop screw connection (Pos. 3). 9. Mount the speed sensor with the gearbox-specific mounting kit onto the input shaft of the gearbox and fix the cable routing according to the specifications of the mounting kit. The speed sensor must be set to a sensing distance of 5 mm. Use only suitable mounting material from the mounting kit! Material must be temperature and oil resistant. ! Flender Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings available from jbj Techniques 10

#DriveLineHarmony 10. Clean the top side of the device and seal it with the supplied sticker, observing the orientation. 2.2 Device Connection(Cable) The electrical connection of the device is described below. When working on electrical equipment, observe the 5 safety rules of electrical engineering. Always make sure that you are working in a de-energized state. 1. Take the supplied connection cable and connect it to the M12 plug connection of the device. 2. Connect the cables to the system control system ac-cording to the following connection overview. Connect the device to the power supply according to the specifications (16-32 VDC). Once the start-up phase of the device is over, the status LED indicates the current alarm status: » : Device is ready. Green Ensure that the machine is in its normal operating condition (i.e., operating parameters such as temperature or oil pressure should be within the intended normal range). 2.2.1 Digital / Analog Outputs The device provides three digital (DO1, DO2, RPM) and two analog output signals (AO1, AO2), which can be connected to a customer controller. This makes it possible to transmit signals such as transmission status to the customer control. The default configuration can be found in the table below and adjusted via the AIQ App: DO1, Do2: 24 V DC / 200 mA RPM Output: 24 V, 20 mA (High Speed Output) AO1, AO2: 0-20 mA Pin Assignment Nr. Signal Color Front view of the device 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Analog Output 1 +24VDC Analog Output 2 Digital Output 1 RPM Output Digital Output 2 GND Digital Input 1 white brown green yellow grey pink blue red Pin Assignment Nr. Signal Color Front view of the device 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 AO1 (Temp. 0...20mA) +24VDC AO2 (vRMS 4...20mA) DO1 (Status) RPM Output DO2 (Oil Temp. Status) GND Analog Input white brown green yellow grey pink blue red Flender Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings available from jbj Techniques 11 ! i

#DriveLineHarmony Flender Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings available from jbj Techniques 12 2.3 Device Teaching The device monitors changes in the vibration behaviour of the gearbox. Therefore, an initial measurement is carried out initially. This measurement starts automatically after approx. 100 operating hours. The learning mode should only be switched on after the plant has been commissioned. Make sure the machine is in its normal operating condition (i.e., operating parameters such as temperature or oil pressure should be within the intended normal range) before switching to learn mode. 2.4 Warning and Notification If elevated readings are recorded, the device generates a warning. By default, the sensor displays a warning status on the status LED. In addition to the LED, the status can also be transmitted to a higher-level PLC via a digital output (DO1 / DO2) (see 2.2.1). The alert can be assigned to the corresponding output via the app (see 2.5). 2.5 Connection In addition to wired integration into a PLC, the AIQ Core also offers the possibility of wireless communication via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 2.5.1 Pairing Mode / Bluetooth To connect the AIQ Core to the smartphone, start the pair-ing mode, there are two possibilities: 1. If the device is powered, the pairing mode is activated for 3 minutes. If this time has elapsed, a new pairing mode can be activated by disconnecting and reconnecting the power supply. 2. If the pairing mode is to be achieved without reboot, the digital input (DI1) can be supplied with 24V for 2 seconds. This will activate the pairing mode for 3 minutes. 2.5.2 Wi-Fi Connecting the device to a network has the advantage of being able to reach the system online. Users do not need to be connected locally to the sensor via Bluetooth. If the device is connected to a Wi-Fi access point, it is pos-sible to access the contents of the device online. When the synchronization function is released, measured values can be uploaded to the AIQ cloud portal and further functions can be activated there. To install a Wi-Fi connection, follow the installation instructions of the Wi-Fi access point. The Wi-Fi access point is not part of the delivery. It must be purchased separately. To connect the device to an existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, it is necessary to store the connection settings of the Wi-Fi network in the device. This can be done via the AIQ App (see 2.7). 2.6 Factory Reset If the device is to be reset to its factory settings, the digital input (DI1) can be supplied with 24 V for 15 seconds. This activates the "Factory Reset" function in the AIQ App. If the device is reset to its factory settings, all settings made by the customer will be lost. 2.7AIQ App The AIQ App supports you in using the device. In the event of an alarm on the AIQ Core, the AIQ App provides detailed information. If sensor signals are transmitted to a customer's controller, the AIQ App makes it possible to set them to the customers needs. To use the AIQ App, download the app from your app Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) and follow the instructions. The following QR code will take you directly to the app. 3 Service & Support The contents of this publication have been carefully checked for consistency with hardware and software. Since deviations cannot be completely excluded, we cannot guarantee complete consistency. The information in this publication is checked regularly, necessary corrections are included in the following editions. ! i i

Flender Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings available from jbj Techniques N-EUPEX , RUPEX and N-BIPEX ® ® ® Flexible Couplings Flexible Flender couplings have a wide range of possible applications. A broad standard modular system as well as specially designed application specific couplings are available. N-EUPEX cam couplings Rated torque: 19 Nm … 85,000 Nm RUPEX pin-and-bush couplings Rated torque: 200 Nm … 1,300,000 Nm N-BIPEX cam couplings Rated torque: 12 Nm … 1,300 Nm ELPEX , ELPEX-B and ELPEX-S ® ® ® Highly Flexible Couplings ® ELPEX couplings are free of circumferential back-lash. Their damping capacity and low torsional stiffness make them especially well-suited for coupling machines with torque characteristics or large shaft misalignment. widely variable ELPEX elastic ring couplings Rated torque: 1,600 Nm … 90,000 Nm ELPEX-B elastic tire couplings Rated torque: 24 Nm … 14,500 Nm ELPEX-S rubber disk couplings Rated torque: 330 Nm … 63,000 Nm ZAPEX gear couplings and ARPEX all-steel couplings ® ® Torsionally Rigid Couplings For transmission of high torques, we offer both ARPEX all-steel disc couplings and ZAPEX gear couplings in a range of versions. The applications vary according to specific requirements, with respect to shaft misalignment, temperature and torque. ZAPEX gear couplings Rated torque: 1,300 Nm … 7,200,000 Nm ARPEX high performance disc couplings Rated torque: 1,000 Nm … 80,000 Nm N-ARPEX and ARPEX all-steel disc couplings Rated torque: 92 Nm … 2,000,000 Nm BIPEX-S and SIPEX ® ® Backlash-Free Couplings The vibration-damping, electrically insulating plug-in BIPEX-S elastomer couplings and SIPEX metal bellows couplings deliver especially accurate component positioning. BIPEX-S and SIPEX Rated torque: 0.1 Nm … 5,000 Nm 13 #DriveLineHarmony

14 #DriveLineHarmony ® FLUDEX couplings are hydrodynamic fluid couplings which operate on the Fottinger principle. ® FLUDEX couplings limit starting and maximum torque in the drive train and, through the property of rotational slip, serve as an aid to starting the motor, as overload protection in the event of fault and for isolating torsional vibration. ® To compensate for shaft misalignment, the FLUDEX coupling is combined ® with a displacement coupling e.g. of the N-EUPEX type. Couplings designed for partially and fully suspended drives which can be mounted between motor and gear unit or gear unit and wheel-set shaft. Designed and tested to withstand the high forces created by axle loads of up to 32 t, motor speeds of over 6,000 rpm and driving speeds of more than 400 km/h. All models tested under extreme conditions to guarantee maximum reliability. A broad range of products in all necessary sizes and designs as standard. FLENDER Railway Couplings offer: » High quality. » 100% component traceability. » Great depth within an extensive product range. » Component compatibility with Flender gear units for rail vehicles. » Low maintenance costs and a high level of serviceability. ZBG series read info . . . LBK series read info . . . GKG series read info . . . MBG series read info . . . MBG-ISO series read info . . . ARS series read info . . . Railway Couplings Couplings for rail vehicles developed, tested and produced for reliability and safety. #FLUDEX #railway-couplings Flender Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings available from jbj Techniques

The following examples are a simplistic view of how jbj Techniques assists customers. jbj's in house design team and manufacturing facility provide tailored solutions for your applications at competitive pricing and on-time deliveries. Pump shaft alignment is key to preventing unnecessary wear and damage to the pump shaft seal and bearing. Improper alignment may lead to premature pump failure. Hydraulic Adaptors Getting the most out of your machinery often depends on close integration between all components. An organisation that manufactures and integrates all the diverse components of a drivetrain provides the experience to help you select the best component combination for your application. jbj Techniques’ in-house design team and manufacturing facility provide tailored solutions for your applications at competitive prices with quick delivery. Designed primarily to allow the close coupling of hydraulic pumps to a variety of prime movers, such as diesel / petrol engines, electric, air or hydraulic motors, they can also be used in the connection from prime mover to alternative driven parts i.e. gear boxes, generators, water or vacuum pumps etc. An additional range of engine front PTO adaptors, which provide additional connection between the engine pulley and the driven part are also available. The kit comprises of a and flexible bellhousing drive that are fully machined to suit the coupling driving and driven components. These can be to suit either shaft to shaft, flange (flywheel) to shaft or even flange to flange connections. Getting the most out of your equipment will demand close integration between all components. In specifying jbj Techniques as your preferred supplier, you will have selected a company with the experience to specify, manufacture and integrate all of the diverse components that will ensure the best component combination for your application. Also to be considered are unwanted torsional resonant frequencies in the system which can quickly cause damage to components in the drivetrain and reduce system life and performance. Improper pump installation can lead to premature failure, increased maintenance costs and reduced production levels of final product. jbj Techniques can advise on the correct installation of into Industrial / hydraulic pumps mobile / marine / machine tool / agricultural / offshore industries and can specify complete driveline systems from their extensive range of components which are available from stock or manufactured to order, albeit simple or complex, standard or bespoke. Electric motor – Hydraulic pump adaptors (safe area) jbj Techniques Limited offer the most comprehensive range of in Europe. bellhousings Designed to connect electric motors with frame size IEC D56 - D400 (0.06kW – 750kW) and can be compatible with electric motor 'B5' or 'B14' flange configurations. Accompanying the metric frame units above is a complete range of mountings to suit Nema and imperial frame motors with 'C' face or 'D' flange f itments. With fully machined , torsionally flexible couplings or available, jbj ensure torsionally rigid couplings the most suitable combination is selected for the application in hand. As an example spider couplings are available in various materials including aluminium, grey cast iron, nodular iron, steel and stainless steels and can be finish machined with parallel, taper or splined bores to DIN, SAE, ANSI or ISO standards. Bellhousings can be manufactured in aluminium or cast iron material as standard, however, units can be produced in a variety of exotic materials on request. For applications where low noise levels are a The aluminium product range is produced in either monoblock or composite formats giving great flexibility in design and allows for early delivery time, often with same or next day delivery possibilities. quality products for mechanical & fluid power an excellence in engineering #DriveLineHarmony

ensuring a continuing high quality service in which customers can have complete confidence. “ “ Electric motor – Hydraulic pump adaptors (Hazardous Area) Generally manufactured in Cast or Nodular iron, bellhousings can be produced in steel, stainless steel or alternative exotic materials on customer request. Couplings supplied for these applications are the jbj Techniques 'JXL' pin and bush range which provide an anti-static and flameproof drive which meet zone 1 area requirements, conforming to all of the above standards. requirement then a complete range of antivibration and noise reduction components add to the range. Also available are spider and gear couplings which are certified to zone 2 standards. (Contact jbj Techniques for details). Designed to meet the exacting safety standards of the offshore and chemical process industries, jbj Techniques produce certificated to adaptor kits Directive 2014/34/EU II2GD-IM2-TX -50 C< Service Temp < +105 C. Harmonised standards BS EN 1127:1, BS EN 13463:1, BS EN13463:5, BS EN 50303, BS EN 1834-1,BS EN 1834-3. An important development of equipment for use within hazardous areas is the wet mount series of bellhousings. Commissioned to research and develop a product that would control the high temperature generated by a piston pump shaft seal when working within cycling applications. A little considered issue is the frictional heat generated at the shaft seal when the application requires the pump to cycle between different pressures causing the seal temperature to increase. This process will often take the seal temperature out and above the levels required by the relevant ATEX standards requirement. This specially designed assembly allows a pumped cooling flow to be passed over the seal face and through an auxiliary cooler, this in turn reduces the seal face temperature which can be maintained at an acceptable level. With a vast array of components to select from, jbj are well As with the electric motor range of product jbj offer complete solutions for ATEX environments, using our well proven 'JXL' coupling range which has standard design to connect to the engine flywheel. placed to provide all required components to support the required cooling system. All bellhousings within this range can be finished machined to accept any, piston, vane or gear pump interfaces requested by customer. A complete range of bellhousing and couplings exist for the connection of a diesel engine flywheel to a specified driven component, be it an oil hydraulic pump, water pump, generator or similar device. With the bellhousing available in various materials to suit all application areas. With a standard range to connect Diesel engines with SAE dimensions from SAE '6' to SAE '0' jbj are well placed to satisfy the majority of customer requirements. Couplings to complete the assembly are available in either torsionally flexible or torsionally rigid design ad can be supplied to suit SAE flywheel dimensions from SAE 6.5” to SAE 18”. Petrol engine – Hydraulic pump adaptors Harmonised Standards: BS EN 1127:1 BS EN 13463:1 BS EN 13463:5 BS EN 50303. Petrol engine adaptors have been developed for use with industrial petrol engines. Design exists to suit Honda, Briggs and Stratton, Kawasaki, Kubota, Hatz, Mag, Robin, Suzuki, Winsconsin, to name but a few, all adaptors can be finished to accept most hydraulic pumps. Adaptors to suit engine crankshaft drives and for vertical mounting are available on request. Directive 2014/34/EU II2GD-IM2-TX -50°C ≤ Service Temp ≤ +105°C. Diesel Engine – Hydraulic pump adaptors For hydraulic pumps to be mounted to engines that do not conform to SAE dimensions, we offer a full range of assembly parts, some of which (but not all) are shown here » for diesel engines to Large Combinations Small Individual Components

jbj Techniques is a specialist supplier of highquality products for the mechanical power transmission and fluid power sectors. The company offers a high level of in-house expertise plus a huge selection of products to meet a very broad range of customer applications. From specification, through technical advice and manufacture to after-sales support, jbj Techniques provides a comprehensive and valued service to the power transmission and hydraulics industries. The company fields a UK-wide team of technical sales engineers to ensure that the business is close to its customers, and it enjoys excellent associations with European manufacturers, acting as sole UK distributor in many cases. jbj’s team is recognised for its expertise in the selection and configuration of hydraulic and mechanical transmission systems. Able to draw on an that provides the extensive product range building blocks for bespoke systems both large and small, the in-house design team offers a complete service, ranging from an assessment of customer requirements to full technical backup, including product specification, CAD based system design, system build and certification. Moreover customers can take advantage of jbj’s own machine-shop facilities and skilled engineers to guarantee quality and control costs. jbj Techniques provides one of the widest ranges of couplings available within the UK; mechanical #DriveLineHarmony # Driveline power transmission couplings for a vast range of applications. Ranging from miniature couplings, all steel gear couplings, flexible spider couplings, shaft couplings, torque limiting couplings, disc and grid type couplings, ATEX compliant and shaft locking devices. Magnetic couplings for power transmission between hermetically sealed areas. However as extensive as the selection is, couplings make up a fraction of jbj’s portfolio. As power transmission specialists the company stock and provide gearboxes, clutches, pumps, hydraulic motors, flow meters, fluid power accessories including: cooling & heat exchange products, reservoirs, pipe flanges, seals and level indicators, as well as a variety of bellhousings and engine adaptors, to name just a few of the product categories. jbj Techniques Limited is proud of it’s relationship and reputation with customers and suppliers. The core client base is stable and loyal, which is testament to the quality of service provided by the company. A similar relationship exists with suppliers, ensuring a continuing high quality service in which customers can have complete confidence.

an excellence in engineering 01737 767493 quality products for mechanical & fluid power #DriveLineHarmony ne Harmony

registered in England No: 1185469 jbj Techniques Limited is ISO certificated, committed to international coordination & unification of industrial standards. A range of products ATEX certificated to directive 94/9/EC requirements jbj Techniques Limited 28 Trowers Way Holmethorpe Industrial Estate Redhill Surrey RH1 2LW. UNITED KINGDOM 01737 767493 quality products for mechanical & fluid power You Tube