AiQ wear indicator available from jbj Techniques Limited

#DriveLineHarmony 6. Insert O-Ring (60x2mm) Pos.1 into the sealing groove. 7. Put on AIQ Core logic module and screw in housing screws with a torque of 0.8Nm. (Torx Plus 8). 8. The temperature sensor is fed into the oil chamber below the vent screw via the adapter. To do this, re-move the breather on the gearbox (Pos. 1). Subsequently, the adapter (Pos. 2) is screwed into the same place and the temperature sensor of the AIQ Core is inserted into the tube via the Skintop screw connection (Pos. 3). 9. Mount the speed sensor with the gearbox-specific mounting kit onto the input shaft of the gearbox and fix the cable routing according to the specifications of the mounting kit. The speed sensor must be set to a sensing distance of 5 mm. Use only suitable mounting material from the mounting kit! Material must be temperature and oil resistant. ! Flender Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings available from jbj Techniques 10