AiQ wear indicator available from jbj Techniques Limited

Flender Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings available from jbj Techniques N-EUPEX , RUPEX and N-BIPEX ® ® ® Flexible Couplings Flexible Flender couplings have a wide range of possible applications. A broad standard modular system as well as specially designed application specific couplings are available. N-EUPEX cam couplings Rated torque: 19 Nm … 85,000 Nm RUPEX pin-and-bush couplings Rated torque: 200 Nm … 1,300,000 Nm N-BIPEX cam couplings Rated torque: 12 Nm … 1,300 Nm ELPEX , ELPEX-B and ELPEX-S ® ® ® Highly Flexible Couplings ® ELPEX couplings are free of circumferential back-lash. Their damping capacity and low torsional stiffness make them especially well-suited for coupling machines with torque characteristics or large shaft misalignment. widely variable ELPEX elastic ring couplings Rated torque: 1,600 Nm … 90,000 Nm ELPEX-B elastic tire couplings Rated torque: 24 Nm … 14,500 Nm ELPEX-S rubber disk couplings Rated torque: 330 Nm … 63,000 Nm ZAPEX gear couplings and ARPEX all-steel couplings ® ® Torsionally Rigid Couplings For transmission of high torques, we offer both ARPEX all-steel disc couplings and ZAPEX gear couplings in a range of versions. The applications vary according to specific requirements, with respect to shaft misalignment, temperature and torque. ZAPEX gear couplings Rated torque: 1,300 Nm … 7,200,000 Nm ARPEX high performance disc couplings Rated torque: 1,000 Nm … 80,000 Nm N-ARPEX and ARPEX all-steel disc couplings Rated torque: 92 Nm … 2,000,000 Nm BIPEX-S and SIPEX ® ® Backlash-Free Couplings The vibration-damping, electrically insulating plug-in BIPEX-S elastomer couplings and SIPEX metal bellows couplings deliver especially accurate component positioning. BIPEX-S and SIPEX Rated torque: 0.1 Nm … 5,000 Nm 13 #DriveLineHarmony