AiQ wear indicator available from jbj Techniques Limited

#DriveLineHarmony Visual Feedback about coupling status: (OK) Green (Warning / Change elastic elements) Yellow (Critical warning) Red Standard Connector - M12 / 8 Pin » 24V Power supply » Analog 4…20mA output » Speed signal » Bluetooth connection - upgradable » Integration in AIQ portfolio and AIQ inside » Configurable outputs Flender Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings available from jbj Techniques 3 AIQ Detect Hardware: Two small magnets + sensor. By measuring the time difference between 2 points in a rotating system, the rotational speed and torsional angle can be determined. Continuous torsional angle monitoring as enabler: » detection detect of wear condition of the elastomers. » detection of operating faults (continuous very large torsional angle in the coupling. Sensor in combination with a new coupling » Coupling equipped with magnets » Including Manual and AIQ Detect sensor » Coupling equipped with magnets » W/O AIQ Detect sensor » Optional package RETROFIT completes the coupling monitoring Coupling prepaired / AIQ Detect ready » Includes magnets and AIQ detect sensor Retrofit Installation tool » Includes special drill and universal installation sticker Magnets - Only two magnets required. ATEX approval pending.