AiQ wear indicator available from jbj Techniques Limited

#DriveLineHarmony Flender Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings available from jbj Techniques 8 AIQ® Core Quick Starting Guide General Information IMPORTANT: Please refer to the documentation supplied with the device before connecting and commissioning the device. You can request the complete documentation for the device from jbj Techniques Limited, technical office, telephone: 01737 767493 or email: This symbol refers to detailed information in the user manual. Safety Notifications The device AIQ Core is not subject to the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The AIQ Core device must not be used for safety relevant tasks and critical switching operations. The device may only be used within the restrictions of use specified in the technical data. AIQ Core equipment may only be installed, operated, and maintained by qualified personnel who have been trained in accordance with the applicable regulations. The device is configured for a specific gearbox for monitor-ing machine-related vibrations. Do not use this device on another gearbox. Scope of delivery » AIQ Core Logic Module. » AIQ Core Retrofit Kit Sensor Interface. » 3x mounting screw (M6x14). » 1x O-ring for sealing the device. » 3x housing screw (2.5 x 10mm) » 1x sticker » 1x mounting adapter AIQ Core » 1x Mounting Kit Temperature Sensor » 1x Mounting kit speed sensor If the sensor is ordered together with a FLENDER gear unit, the sensor is already mounted on the gear unit. 1) Display & Control Elements 1. LED: Power supply 1Hz flash: Boot. 5Hz flash: Sensor Error. Permanent light: Device ready for operation. 2. LED: Status 1 Hz flash: Action/Service at gear unit needed. 2Hz flash: Alarm. Permanent light: Gear Unit is ok. 3. LED: Link lights up when the network connection is active. 1 Hz flash: Bluetooth connection is active. When Bluetooth teach-in mode is activated, the LEDs flash clockwise one after the other. Read the user manual for more details on dis-play and controls or use the HELP section of the AIQ App 2 3 1 i