AiQ wear indicator available from jbj Techniques Limited

#DriveLineHarmony Flender Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings available from jbj Techniques 12 2.3 Device Teaching The device monitors changes in the vibration behaviour of the gearbox. Therefore, an initial measurement is carried out initially. This measurement starts automatically after approx. 100 operating hours. The learning mode should only be switched on after the plant has been commissioned. Make sure the machine is in its normal operating condition (i.e., operating parameters such as temperature or oil pressure should be within the intended normal range) before switching to learn mode. 2.4 Warning and Notification If elevated readings are recorded, the device generates a warning. By default, the sensor displays a warning status on the status LED. In addition to the LED, the status can also be transmitted to a higher-level PLC via a digital output (DO1 / DO2) (see 2.2.1). The alert can be assigned to the corresponding output via the app (see 2.5). 2.5 Connection In addition to wired integration into a PLC, the AIQ Core also offers the possibility of wireless communication via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 2.5.1 Pairing Mode / Bluetooth To connect the AIQ Core to the smartphone, start the pair-ing mode, there are two possibilities: 1. If the device is powered, the pairing mode is activated for 3 minutes. If this time has elapsed, a new pairing mode can be activated by disconnecting and reconnecting the power supply. 2. If the pairing mode is to be achieved without reboot, the digital input (DI1) can be supplied with 24V for 2 seconds. This will activate the pairing mode for 3 minutes. 2.5.2 Wi-Fi Connecting the device to a network has the advantage of being able to reach the system online. Users do not need to be connected locally to the sensor via Bluetooth. If the device is connected to a Wi-Fi access point, it is pos-sible to access the contents of the device online. When the synchronization function is released, measured values can be uploaded to the AIQ cloud portal and further functions can be activated there. To install a Wi-Fi connection, follow the installation instructions of the Wi-Fi access point. The Wi-Fi access point is not part of the delivery. It must be purchased separately. To connect the device to an existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, it is necessary to store the connection settings of the Wi-Fi network in the device. This can be done via the AIQ App (see 2.7). 2.6 Factory Reset If the device is to be reset to its factory settings, the digital input (DI1) can be supplied with 24 V for 15 seconds. This activates the "Factory Reset" function in the AIQ App. If the device is reset to its factory settings, all settings made by the customer will be lost. 2.7AIQ App The AIQ App supports you in using the device. In the event of an alarm on the AIQ Core, the AIQ App provides detailed information. If sensor signals are transmitted to a customer's controller, the AIQ App makes it possible to set them to the customers needs. To use the AIQ App, download the app from your app Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) and follow the instructions. The following QR code will take you directly to the app. 3 Service & Support The contents of this publication have been carefully checked for consistency with hardware and software. Since deviations cannot be completely excluded, we cannot guarantee complete consistency. The information in this publication is checked regularly, necessary corrections are included in the following editions. ! i i