quality products for mechanical & fluid power: www.jbj.co.uk

quality products for mechanical & fluid power: www.jbj.co.uk

DC Pump/Motor Units

Integrated into an existing system for auxillary functions, safety fucntions or support funtions.

The Pump/Motor units consist of a 12/24/48 V, DC motor in the range of 1,5 kW to 4,5 kW and a W series gear pump with displacement 0,8 cm3 to 31 cm3 /rev. Additionally the units can be equipped with integrated valves and starter solenoids. Concentric Pump/Motor units in difference to HE power packs are not self-contained and in most cases integrated into an existing system for auxiliary functions, safety functions or support functions. In other applications the pump/motor unit is the power source in the system for lift, move, propel etc.
pump/motor unit to supply flow for the steering

Typical functions are:

    Small cranes.
    Double load deck.
    Supplementary steering.
    Support legs.

    Tilt of hood or cabin.
    Supplementary steering.
    Supplementary braking.
    Support function for lift device.
    Auxiliary functions.
    Material Handling:

    Aerial Lift:
    Nivelation of cage.
      Available motors and pumps:
      12MB 12V DC dia 112 mm 0.8 to 5.7 cc pump.
      24MB 24V DC dia 112 mm 0.8 to 5.7 cc pump.
      24MA 24V DC dia 128 mm 0.8 to 5.7 cc pump.
      24MA-HS 24V DC dia 133 mm (fan) 0.8 to 5.7 cc pump.
      24MF 24V DC dia 134 mm (fan) 0.8 to 5.7 cc pump.
      24MI 24V DC dia 131 mm 5.0 to 31.0 cc pump.
      DC motors IP67.
      Integrated valving:
      Pressure relief valve.
      Unloading valve.
      Priority load sense valve.
      Starter solenoids IP67.
      Pumps are also available in 'Q' (quiet) versions.
      The Wheel Loader has an articulated steering where the vehicle is split into front and rear halves which are connected by a vertical hinge. The front and rear halves are connected with two hydraulic cylinders that change the angle between the front and rear end of the vehicle. The steering is hydraulic and depends on the flow generated by the engine driven pump. If the engine stalls and therefore cannot supply flow for the steering a pressure switch activates the pump/motor unit to supply flow for the steering and by this enable continuously safe maneuvering.

      For flow and pressure curves follow this link to www.jbj.co.uk/e-publications/Concentric-DC-motor-pump-units-from-jbj-Techniques-Limited/3/
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      Link to » List of Concentric pumps and motor types
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      Specification of Concentric gear pumps and motors found in this on-line » library « link

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