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KPV series bellhousing coolers

Close couple virtually any hydraulic pump to an electric motor (up to and inclusive of a D180 Frame size) with integral cooling matrix and cooling fan that fits on to the electric motor drive shaft.

KPV series bellhousing cooler

KPV series bellhousing coolers

For applications where low levels of cooling are required and space is at a premium. No additional electrical installation being required.
» Dimensions according to VDMA 24 561
» Rigid and noise damping versions in identical lengths.
» Optional combination with footbrackets according to VDMA 24 561
» Easy replacement of rigid/dampened bellhousing according to VDMA 24 561

State-of-the-art prismatic cooling elements, which withstand dynamic pressure loads without loss of cooling power, replace the finned tube heat exchanger found in other bellhousing coolers.

Dimensional data for KPV200, KPV250, KPV300 and KPV350 further down this page or click on this link for a pages 66 to 70 of the coolers catalogue.
The prismatic cooling element continually withstands pressure peaks up to 16 bar
Easy installation, space-saving construction and no electric ventilation drive is required.

The KPV series cooler bellhousing can be built either as rigid version or as version with integrated noise damping, both versions have the same frame dimensions.

The KPV series cooler bellhousing can be mounted horizontally IMB 35-version and IMB 5-version, and with vertical as well as with lateral cooling air exhaust. The KPV can also be mounted vertically – IMV1-version.

ATEX certificated version of the KPV, the 'AKPV' bellhousing cooler range.

Currently being developed for zone 2 and zone 1 areas, the ATEX certificated AKPV bellhousing coolers for use within hazardous areas. Updates to follow during progress. Link to specification document. Based on the KPV therefore details as above and below.
KPV series bellhousing coolers dimensional drawing
KPV series cooler bellhousing dimensional tables
Specification of KPV series cooler bellhousings found in this on-line » catalogue « link

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