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Brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHE) are a popular option with their compact size and high efficiency designs and can be supplied with 316 S/S plates and copper or nickel braze. Brazed plate units are up to six times smaller than alternative methods of heat exchange with the same capacity. Design Brazed plate heat exchangers are among the most compact and cost-effective means of transferring heat in many industrial and commercial applications. They feature corrugated plates, similar to the plate & frame heat exchangers, which are brazed together at high temperatures, creating a compact, leak tight, durable, highly turbulent design with counter-current flow. Compact Size The brazed plate exchangers require 50% to 80% space as compared to other types of heat exchangers. Brazed plate exchangers reduced size considerably reduces material content, making them one of the most economical heat transfer choices. Temperature & Pressure Unlike gasketed plate heat exchangers, the construction of brazed exchangers are not limited by the temperature and pressure rating of gaskets. Copper Braze-Joints are capable of temperatures above 218°C and pressures of up to 31 bar. An optional nickel brazed design is available for applications requiring higher corrosion-resistance (i.e. De-Ionized Water). ASME Code Certified and U.L. Listed designs are available, when required. Type Dimensions: B8T 72 x 310 mm B10T 117/119 x 287/289 mm B12 117 x 287 mm B15 72 x 465 mm B16 119 x 376 mm B16DW 119 x 377 mm B25T 117/119 x 524/526 mm B28 119 x 526 mm B35 243 x 393 mm B50 243 x 525 mm `B56 243 x 525 mm B60 364 x 374 mm B80 119 x 526 mm B120T 243 x 525 mm DB200 243 x 525 mm B200T 243 x 525 mm DB400 304 x 694 mm B427 304 x 694 mm B500T 304 x 980 mm B649 1232 x 537 mm Cooling & Heat Exchange Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers 141 #DriveLineHarmony