Cooling and heat exchange available from jbj Techniques Limited

Cooling & Heat Exchange RO Series Air/Oil Heat Exchanger 85 Each data sheet provides the technical information about the heat exchanger used for cooling oil hydraulic system and about fans operated by electric or hydraulic motor. Core’s technical specification: Material: copper and steel Working pressure: 15 bar Test pressure: 22 bar Max working temperature: 120°C Installation The heat exchanger should be installed in such a way that there should be no obstacles to the air flow, respecting the minimum distance from the wall (1/2 fan diameter) so as to ensure a natural flow of cooling air. The cooler can be fitted in vertical and horizontal position. RO series coolers are normally used for cooling hydraulic circuits and installed on the return lines: they must be protected from impact and mechanical vibrations by support and must be connected to the circuit with flexible pipes. To prevent any damage caused by changes in flow, hammering and pulsations we recommend installing a by-pass valve. Compatible fluids » Mineral oils For other fluids please contact jbj Techniques Limited technical office, telephone 01737 767493 or email: