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Electromagnetic Clutches

Designed to function and survive in harsh environments,
providing reliable performance in many long life applications.

Basic parts & magnetic flux path:

electromagnetic clutch basic parts and magnetic flux path diagram

Advantages of use:

» Electrically remotely actuated.
Reduced power consumption from engine.
» Extended pump life.
» Lower operator cost.
» Simple installation.
» Operator convenience/safety.
» Cold weather starting.

General description of electromagnetic clutches

These are flange mounted, normally a two piece construction clutch typically mounted directly on to the pump.

Solid forged rotor.
A one piece solid forged rotor means no chance of internal parts separation. The rotors also have an even wall thickness around the coil which gives optimum flux distribution, maximizing torque.
electromagnetic clutch photograph
Different coil voltages available.
Although 12 volt is the most common, 24 volts can also be made available. Depending upon the quantity, other specialty voltages can be made.

High temperature, longer life grease.
All models include our special long life grease which has shown a significant improvement in life over other standard high temperature greases.

Where possible, all parts in the clutch are e-coated to give maximum corrosion protection.

High temperature epoxy coil.
To help prevent failure from both vibration and outside contaminants, all coils are sealed in the coil shell with a high temperature epoxy coating.

Forged machined pulley.
All models in this section use a heavy duty machined pulley. A stronger pulley resists damage due to abusive environments.

MMC electromagnetic clutch series for marine & hydraulic pump applications

MMC series electromagnetic clutches are designed for use with hydraulic pumps, many of which are used in marine winch drives. Typically flange or plate mounted, they engage and disengage the pump.

» Torque ratings from 271 to 2033 Nm  (200 to 1500 lb-ft) .
» Solid forged rotor & pulley or hub.
» Direct drive or pulley drive.
» 12 & 24 VDC available.» "TC" and "B" type pump mounts.
» Straight or splined bore.
» High temp, long life grease.
» Bi-directional operation.
» One piece design.
» Plated for corrosion protection.
» High temperature epoxy coil.

For technical data see page 4 of technical specification catalogue
MMC electromagnetic clutch

Soft start clutch control

The patented Softstart Clutch Controller offers a simple solution to all of these issues!

» Mechanical Life: The Softstart lessens forces to mechanical parts and improves the life of bolts, decks, brackets and other mechanical parts.
» Belt Life: Reduce wear and breakage for belts and improve the quality & reliability of the equipment.
» Engine Stall: The Softstart eliminates engine stalling and RPM droop by utilizing closed loop RPM monitoring while engaging the electric clutch.
» Mechanical Jolt: Smooth engagement means less jolt to the equipment and customers.
» Engine Cost Savings: The Softstart Clutch enables OEM's to reduce equipment engine size to save money.

Full information regarding the Softstart controller found on pages 12 and 13 of the technical specification catalogue

Video: How an electromagnetic clutch works.


Industrial electromagnetic clutches, electromagnetic brakes and clutch brakes are used in many types of high speed, high cycle rate and long life machines including printers, packaging machines, food processing equipment, industrial mixers, and cash counting machines.
electromagnetic clutches
Magnetic particle, hysteresis slip clutches and magnetic particle, hysteresis slip brakes are used in many tension control systems to regulate the wind and unwind of fabric or carbon fiber or other materials during processing.
Also called particle clutch or particle brakes, they are used in new digital high resolution sign and photograph printers for professionals. Many designs are interchangeable with Warner Electric, DynCorp, KEB, Electroid, Lenze, Deltran, Intorq and Matrix.

Spring applied brakes, power off brakes, or spring set brakes (fail-safe brakes) are used in mobile, medical and robotic applications as well as used in radio telescopes. Also called servo motor brakes, they are also used to control electric wind generators, turbines and amusement rides from over speed conditions.

Industrial electric brakes are used in rail road crossing gates and parking lot/toll gates. These devices are also used in mailing machines, mail sorters and semiconductor processing applications. Electric tooth clutches, electromagnetic tooth clutches and electric multiple disc clutches are used where high torque and small size are required. Our customers include machine tool manufacturers, NC machines, lathes, milling machines and others. They are used by manufacturers of AC and DC electric motors including brake motors, brushless DC motors and servo motors.

Applications for Ogura high reliability brakes include overhead doors, cranes, marine, construction equipment and brakes for super quiet use in stage and theatre can be supplied. Manual release levers or emergency release mechanisms can be available on many of these products if needed.
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