Electromagnetic clutches and brakes from jbj Techniques Limited

www.jbj.co.uk/electromagnetic-clutches.html 8 #DriveLineHarmony INDUSTRIAL CORP OGURA Electromagnetic Clutches MMC Series Reduced power consumption Simple installation Extended pump life Cold weather starting | | | MMC Clutch Series for Marine & Hydraulic Pump Applications MMC series electromagnetic clutches are designed for use with hydraulic pumps, many of which are used in marine winch drives. Typically flange or plate mounted, they engage and disengage the pump. » Torque ratings from 271 to 2033 Nm ( 200 to 1500 lb-ft ) . » Direct drive or pulley drive. » 12 & 24 VDC available. » "TC" and "B" type pump mounts. » Straight or splined bore. » High temp, long life grease. » Bidirectional operation. » One piece design. » Plated for corrosion protection. » Solid forged rotor & pulley or hub. » High temperature epoxy coil. Photograph courtesy of Kohler Co. 8000 Series (MMC) Clutch 271 to 2033 Nm (200 to 1500 lb-ft) . Proper assembly, installation, and maintenance will assure optimal application performance and extended life. Please read the instructions on the following pages carefully prior to assembly and operation. If your clutch is supplied as part of preassembled equipment, please refer to the manufactures recommendations for specific maintenance and service information. General Installation Instruction and Service Guideline.