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jbj Techniques technical specification library for SIT S.p.A.

These are the SIT S.p.A. mechanical power transmission couplings technical specification catalogues available from
jbj Techniques Limited.

Links to the different catalogues:

TRASCO® ES jaw couplings with zero backlash
Trasco® ES Jaw
Couplings (Zero Backlash)
SITEX® gear couplings
Sitex® Gear
Servoplus® bellows couplings
Bellows Couplings
Servomate® disc couplings
Disc Couplings
TRASC® spider couplings
Spider Couplings
METALDRIVE® disc couplings
Disc Couplings
SITEX® ST all steel gear couplings
Sitex® ST Gear
Couplings (All Steel)
SAFEMAX® torque limiting couplings
Safemax® Torque
Limiting Couplings
JUBOFLEX® elastic couplings
Elastic Couplings
SIT brass with elastic spider couplings
Brass & Elastic
Rigid bolt couplings
Precision universal joints
Universal Joints

Trasco® ES Jaw Couplings (Zero Backlash)

» “Zero-backlash” motion transmission.
» Dampening (up to 80%) of vibrations from motor shaft.
» Low heat and electrical conductivity.
» Easy and fast installation.
» Perfect balance (A & AP type).
» Low moment of inertia (due to compact design and types of materials used). Read more . . .

Sitex® Gear Couplings

Two steel gear hubs, connected with one internally toothed sleeve of stabilized 6.6 super polyamide resin. SITEX® NYLEX® couplings are made of 100% Polyamide. Designed for light applications, low cost and available with finished bore keyway and thread for set screw. The SITEX® FL couplings are designed to optimize the connections between diesel engines and driven equipment such as hydraulic pumps. Read more . . .

Servoplus® Bellows Couplings

An innovative modular type coupling perfect in all servo motor applications where high torsional rigidity, backlash free torque transmission, low inertia, and superior reliability are required. Wear and maintenance free. Working temperature up to 300°C. Read more . . .

Servomate® Disc Couplings

Specially designed for servomotor applications. The aluminum hubs and the compact design provide low mass moment of inertia resulting in a reliable and maintenance free coupling for high speeds. The double disk pack execution has been designed for applications where radial misalignment exists. Read more . . .

Trasco® Spider Couplings

The flexible constant velocity coupling that assures the best performance in relation to the physical space occupied in its class. It has a very compact design and allows safe power transmission by absorbing peak loads and torsional vibrations. The elastomeric design of the polyurethane gear ring compensates for angular, radial and axial misalignments.
Read more . . .

Metaldrive® Disc Couplings

Made of steel and are used in all applications where high reliability, precision, and no maintenance are required. All the components of the METALDRIVE® couplings are completely machined (spacer excluded) and balanced in class DIN ISO 1940-1 Q 6,3. Read more . . .

Sitex® ST Gear Couplings (All Steel)

Fully manufactured in high quality steel. They are made of 1 or 2 geared hubs which are coupled with one sleeve through which the torque is transmitted. The special OPTIGEAR profile allows very high torque transmission and the compensation of axial, angular and radial misalignment (only in the version with 2 hubs). The maximum recommended working temperature is -10°C to +80 °C. Read more . . .

Safemax® Torque Limiting Couplings

Prevents damage to machinery happening through instant disengagement of the motor side from the driven side in case of torque overload, thus eliminating the risk of expensive downtime. In addition, these torque limiters, being torsionally rigid and backlash free, allow a rapid and accurate resumption of machine operations once the cause of the overload has been eliminated. Read more . . .

Juboflex® Elastic Couplings

One elastic element made of pre-compressed, natural rubber, reinforced with steel to be fitted with fixing screws and a metallic band (to be removed after mounting) and two metallic hubs made of forged steel (size 120 produced in cast iron). They are also available for mounting with SER-SIT® taper bushing from size 4 to 25; solid hub from size 35 to 120.
Read more . . .

Brass & Elastic Couplings

Hubs made in brass and spider in rubber. Suitable for low power. Read more . . .

Rigid Bolt Couplings

The bolt coupling is a rigid coupling. It is made of two halves, which are cast iron grade GG25 connected by means of bolts. It is maintenance and lubrication free. Additionally, its construction prevents fretting corrosion and allows for easy mounting and dismounting. The bolt coupling is designed to connect horizontal shafts with similar diameters. For different applications please contact our technical department. Read more . . .

Precision Universal Joints

High precision universal joint, manufactured according to DIN 808/7551.Every model type is made of 2 hubs with forks and a central block.
Between pins and bores there are:
» P series: 4 bearings with solid pins.
» E series: with sliding bushes.
» H series: with needle roller bearings. Read more . . .

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