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Cooling / Heat Exchange

Satisfy a variety of industrial, offshore and mobile agricultural / heavy plant cooling requirements with a choice of solutions available from these air-oil coolers, off-line coolers, cooler bellhousings and plate heat exchangers.

Interchangeability with existing products available within the current marketplace.

Bespoke design and build to fulfill customers application needs.

Cooling / Heat Exchange Page Contents

GA series (Offline Coolers)

GA series (Offline Coolers)

For use where pressure spikes occur within the main circuit.
Dissipation 0.12 to 3.7 kW / °C or 4.8 kw to 148.8 kW when DT = 40°C for oil flows from 9 to 440 lpm.
Material: High resistance a aluminium alloy matrix, steel housing.
RA series (Water / Air coolers)

RA series (Water / Air coolers)

Generally, for use on low pressure mobile / agricultural applications.
Designed for your application and can be positioned directly in front of the engine or fitted with fans driven by electric or hydraulic motors.
Material: Brass and copper or high resistance aluminium alloy.
ATEX certification for suitable units on request.
RAL Series (Return line coolers)

RAL Series (Return line coolers)

For use in cooling hydraulic circuits.
Dissipation 0.038 to 4.9 kW / °C or 2.2 kW to 196 kW when DT = 40°C for oil flows up to 800 lpm.
DP from 0.3 to 1.8 bar.Material: high resistance aluminium alloy.
RO Series (Return Line coolers)

RO Series (Return Line coolers)

For use in cooling hydraulic circuits.
Dissipation 0.06 to 2.2 kW / °C or 2.4 to 88 kW when DT = 40°C for oil flows up to 500 lpm.
DP from 0.1 to 1.6 bar.
Material: copper and steel.
RS Series (Heat exchangers)

RS Series (Heat exchangers)

For use in closed loop circuit hydraulic applications.
Dissipation 0.15 to 0.31 kW °C or 7.5 to 12.5 kW when DT = 40°C for oil flows up to 140 lpm.
Complete with integrated surge tank and suction filter.
Materials: Steel and copper, high resistance aluminium alloy.
RC Series (Combination coolers)

RC Series (Combination coolers)

For machine manufacturers requiring cooling of multiple media.
Standard product or designed to suit your application requirements.
Cool water, oil or air through one assembly.
Positioned in front of the engine or supplied with fan driven by electric or hydraulic motor.
Materials: Steel and copper or brass and aluminium.
RP series (Stand-alone coolers)

RP series (Stand-alone coolers)

For use in cooling hydraulic circuits.
Designed for your application with special consideration to thermal performances increasing whilst pressure drops reduce.
Material: Aluminium. Working pressure: 12 bar. Test pressure: 18 bar.
Max working temperature: 120°C.
RF Series (water / oil coolers)

RF Series (water / oil coolers)

For use in return line or low-pressure applications.
Dissipation: 1.5 kW to 231 kW.
Maximum continuous working pressure 10 bar.
Shell and tube design with steel plates and copper tubes.
KPV Series Cooler Bellhousings

KPV Series Cooler Bellhousings

Bellhousing coolers for drain line or full flow cooling.
Dimensions according to the VDMA Standard.
Rigid and noise damping versions with identical lengths.
Will replace existing bellhousing mounted in systems.
Optional foot bracket allows horizontal mounting.
To connect metric frame electric motors to a wide variety of pumps.
Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Compact alternatives to conventional Shell & Tube coolers.
Vacuum brazed units ensure system integrity.
High efficiency means reduced coolant requirement.
Small size allows for reduce pipe and space requirements.
Optimised performance delivers exact system requirements.
Reduced size and weight improves shipping costs.
Plates pressed in either AISI 316L with SMO 254 available on request.
Copper or Nickel braze suits all environments and applications.
Various pipe connections and accessories available.
Accept temperatures up to 200°C and pressure of up to 31 bar.
ASME code certified and UL listed designs available on request.
Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

Gasketed versions for ease of assembly and cleaning.
Designed to suit individual customers requirements.
Fail safe design eliminates cross fluid contamination.
Modular design provides maximum efficiency of fluid heat transfer.
Unit performance adjusted by adding or reducing plate numbers when requirements change.
A variety of channel arrangements offer different solutions within the same footprint.
Maximum flows up to 4,600 cubic metres per hour.
Maximum pressures up to 25 bar.
Temperature range from -40 to 180°C.
Various pipe connections from DN 25 to DN500, weld neck flanges or threaded.
Plate materials in AISI 304, 316L and Titanium combat the most arduous conditions.
Optimised performance meets exact system requirements.

External gear motors for fan drives

This fan drive motor is a range for vehicle cooling systems. These types of motors are widely used in modern hydraulics thanks to their performance, long service life and low maintenance costs.

An electro-hydraulic fan drive offers significant advantages if compared with traditional solutions with electric or belt drives. Maximum performance is achieved by combining the fan drive system with a fully-programmable electronic control unit.

The fan drive system consists of:
» Reverisible fixed displacement hydraulic gear motor.

Fan drive for external gear motors
Fan-drive-operated manifold which consists of:
» Special NG6 directional valve for smooth controlled rotation change.

» Non-return valve to avoid cavitation during reversing.

» Proportional valve – which allows rotational changes by over riding the settings. The valve is actuated by an signal from an electronic circuit board designed for the “fan drive” function. It controls the rotation speed of the hydraulic motor by means of on-board sensors.

» Circuit relief valve to control the operating pressure of the hydraulic motor.

» Motor displacement: Group 2 from 4 to 31.5 cm³/rev. (from 0.24 to 1.92 in³/rev).

» Maximum pressure: up to 250 bar (3600 psi).

» Speed rotation: up to 4000 rpm.

» NG6 solenoid operated directional valve allows the reversing functiuon: technical data flow max 80 l/min, P max 350 bar.

» Coil data: 12 or 24 dc with plug DEUTSCH DT04-2P for male connector type DEUTSCH DT06-2S.

» Pressure control valve: Q max 120 l/min, P max 210 bar.

» Proportional pressure control: Q max 80 l/min, P max 250 bar.

In a fan drive system, the electronic circuit board controls the rotation speed of the hydraulic motor based on the actual heat dissipation through the cooling system. The signals from the temperature sensors or CAN network are processed by the electronic card which, depending on its settings, controls the rotational speed of the hydraulic motor proportionally and cleans the cooler matrix by automatically reversing the direction of rotation of the motor. The software developed and designed for the fan drive function improves the vehicle fuel economy in compliance with eco-sustainability regulations. Resulting in advantages for both the client and the community. The electronic card is plug and play and reduces the vehicle start-up time and costs.

Cooling solution for internal combustion engines

For machine manufacturers requiring improved performance or combined cooling of multiple media in a compact design or different cooler shape.

Following an accurate design, verification and operational validation of the prototype directly on the engine, we develop a complete product for cooling the water / intercooler / oil with side by side or overlapping masses.
The complete package can have the configurations chosen by the customer and can include, in addition to the heat exchanger, the fan suitable for the application and relative protections, supports and brackets for connection to the motor, aluminum, stainless steel or rubber pipes, aluminum expansion tanks, integrated or independent.

Analysis of engine data sheet and customer cooling and sizing requirements, followed by design of cooling system.

CAD drawings produced to enable full component set up including all parts in 3D model.
Cooling solution for internal combustion engines

Further analysis of component package.

Either the engine is supplied by the customer for full build up of package to the engine or components supplied to customer to build the package.

Bespoke design and build to fulfill customers application needs.
There are existing design packages for Cummins, Perkins, Volvo, Caterpillar, Kubota, Hatz, Yanmar, Doosan, Fpt, VM, Kohler and Deutz.

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