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New "member of staff"

Doosan Puma V8300M
Our faithful old friend the PUMA VT750 has moved aside to enable larger turning abilities of 830 mm from the new addition to our in-house machine shop, the Doosan Puma V8300M.

Chuck size: 15 inch
Max. Turning Diameter: 830 mm
Max. Turning Length: 780 mm
X Axis Rapid Traverse: 20 m/min
Z Axis Rapid Traverse: 20 m/min
Max. Spindle Speed: 2000 r/min
Max. Spindle Power: 37 kW
Max. Spindle Torque: 2592 Nm
No. of tool station: 12
Rotary Tool r/min: 4000 r/min
X Axis Travel distance: 495 mm
Z Axis Travel distance: 780 mm
Early morning delivery
Early morning delivery
Doosan PUMA V8300M
Graham eager to get his hands on the new machine.
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Comprehensive stocks of quality products for mechanical & fluid power ready for next day delivery plus when components require bespoke qualities to fulfill your system needs, quality machine shop services provided by our team of meticulous machinists who take great pride in their work carried out on our continually developing list of machines.

Proving to be very useful for those larger than average projects is the PUMA VT750 with a 610 mm chuck jaw enabling more services under one roof, even less need for machine shop outsourcing therefore quicker turn around for your bespoke component requirements, simple or complex, standard or bespoke, large or small.
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