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Mechanical power transmission
condition monitoring

New patented monitoring product range provides constant data about the condition of either gearboxes (AIQ CORE) or the elastomers within drive couplings (AIQ Detect) for maintenance personnel and production planners.

AIQ Core gearbox condition monitoring

AIQ gearbox monitoringAIQ Core gearbox condition monitoring unit.
With AIQ monitoring & maintenance comes a flexible solution package that perfectly fits your demands. Avoid laborious maintenance and service measures and find out about upcoming maintenance tasks at an early stage. The deeply integrated sensor system helps find the ideal maintenance interval. Additionally, the implemented gear unit intelligence will even help you avoid unplanned shutdowns.

Profit from:
» optimized service intervals based on oil monitoring.
» early failure detection and alarming based on vibration measurement.
» storage and visualization of longtime data within our AIQ web portal.
» automated monthly reporting (gear unit health status).
» PLC integration of measured speed, temperature, vibration and status.

Make use of AIQ Monitoring & Maintenance in different setups (see picture below), coming from a simple sensor use case, ending in cloud-hosted data with 24/7 online availability. Flexible, optionally upgradeable.

For further information see page 7 of the on-line catalogue

AIQ Detect mechanical power transmission coupling condition monitoring

AIQ Detect monitoring unit
ATEX compliant torsionally flexible claw couplings, N-Eupex

N-EUPEX as overload holding, fail-safe series

ATEX compliant RUPEX® torsionally flexible pin & bush couplings

RUPEX for special safety and reliability requirements

Mechanical power transmission couplings will eventually begin to show signs of wear due to their purpose and the nature of the job they perform.

The widely patented AIQ Detect, the digital, coupling sensor, monitors the wear condition of the elastomers and measures rotation speed and direction. Minimize Downtime. Save Effort. Monitor Functions. Mechanical power transmission coupling condition monitoring.

Visual Feedback about coupling status

Green (OK)
Yellow (Warning / Change elastic elements)
Red (Critical warning)
Visual feedback from the AIQ-detect coupling condition monitor.
*Please note diagrams exaggerated for illustrative purposes.

Life Cycle N-EUPEX / RUPEX (Failure Probability)

Life Cycle N-EUPEX / RUPEX (Failure Probability)


Minimize Downtime

Continuous and permanent monitoring of the coupling with AIQ Detect prevents unplanned failures and increases operational reliability. It also forms the basis for condition-based maintenance. Instead of a regular exchange of elastomers, the replacement can now be targeted and done only when needed. This is not only cost-effective but also sustainable.

Save Effort

With AIQ Detect, the condition of your flexible coupling is always assessed in a consistent way based on valid measurements. Therefore, no training or adaptation of personnel is required for monitoring. Once the wear limit of the elastomers is reached, the sensor reports the change in condition. There is still enough time to plan for maintenance. Yearly routine maintenance can mean several hours of time and equipment shutdown. With AIQ Detect, you can save on this effort in the long term.

Monitor Functions

The sensor not only checks the wear of the elastomers but also records each rotation of the coupling. Based on this data, AIQ Detect can determine and provide rotation speed and direction. This ensures that the drive train is operating correctly at all times.


Two small magnets + sensor.
By measuring the time difference between 2 points in a rotating system, the rotational speed and torsional angle can be determined.

Continuous Torsional Angle Monitoring As Enabler

» Detection of wear condition of the elastomers.
» Detection of operating faults (continuous very large torsional angle in the coupling).

Continuous torsional angle monitoring


Sensor in combination with a new coupling
» Coupling equipped with magnets.
» Including Manual and AIQ Detect sensor.
Coupling prepaired / AIQ Detect ready
» Coupling equipped with magnets.
» W/O AIQ Detect sensor.
» Optional package RETROFIT completes the coupling monitoring.
» Includes magnets and AIQ detect sensor.
Installation tool
» Includes special drill and universal installation sticker.

Standard Connector - M12 / 8 Pin

» IP67 protection class.
» CE / EAC Certification.
» Wi-Fi (option for online mode).
» Bluetooth (option for local mode).
» Operating voltage 24 V DC.
» Dimensions 70 × 70 × 35 mm.

Wear Detection
» Hall sensors detect the wear of the elastic elements.
» Connection to PLC.
» Analog output / 4 to 20 mA signal.
» High resolution.
» Integrated intelligence.

Speed Measurement
» Hall sensors detect every rotation of the coupling.
» Connection to PLC.
» Digital output / pulse signal.
» High resolution.

Status Detection
» Sensor detects the status of the coupling continuously.
» Connection to PLC.
» Digital output.
» Integrated failure detection.

» Detects wear of elastomer elements.
» Measures speed.
» Maintenance forecast.
» Failure detection.
» Configurable output signals.
» Firmware upgrades via AIQ app.

Use and Connectivity Options

Option 1 Visual
Offline mode: visual status view LED light.
Option 2 Signal connection
Offline mode: signal connection to customer control (PLC).
Option 3 Bluetooth
Local mode: Bluetooth connection to smartphone via AIQ app.
Option 4 Online
Cloud connection via AIQ Core (Additional hardware required).

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