Correct coupling selection guide

N-Eupex DK Torsionally Flexible Couplings 3. N-EupexModular Principle 3.1 Introducing a Steel JumboHub. The expansion of the N-EUPEXmodular principle continues with the introduction of a new jumbo hubmade of steel in one-piece and split versions. The JumboHubAdvantage In contrast to the existing hubs, the new hub diameter is not reduced, therefore the inner diameter and the possible bore capacity are greater. The Steel HubAdvantage In addition to the previous hub version, a typical cast iron machine element, Flender is now also offering another hub made of steel – initially in ten sizes. The addition of the steel hub to the modular principle makes customized shaft-hub connections possible as well as a higher bore capacity. For example this allows various clamping elements to be integratedmore easily. The hub innovations increase bore capacity by an average of 40 percent. This allows users to select couplings in a smaller size. Purchasing costs are lower and less installation space is required. #DriveLineHarmony 26