Correct coupling selection guide

3.3 High-Quality Elastomers ~ Functionality In the N-EUPEX, torque is transferred by highly advanced elastomer elements, flexible coupling assemblies made of synthetic rubber. The special design of the N-EUPEX allows the elastomer element to have just the right amount of space it needs to deflect under load with simultaneous offset. The coupling reacts as follows in the event of radial shaft offset: While the pins and the assembly form an interlocking connection, the deformation of the rubber compensates for the corresponding offset. Each rotation works the elastomer element. No abrasive wear occurs within the permitted range of offset values. In case of angular offset between shafts, a horizontal compensation procedure is performed which also works the elastomer element without abrasive friction. Thanks to the elastomer elements, the N-EUPEX has very good damping capacity. This significantly reduces the disruption of alternating torque during start-up situations with an asynchronous motor. In addition, selecting the right Shore hardness can create distance between the drive's natural frequency and that of the exciting frequency and thus prevent a critical resonance situation. The wear is limited to the elastomer elements, which must be replaced at the end of their service life. Depending on the type, the elastomer elements can be exchanged without moving the coupled machines. The wear indicator for N-EUPEX couplings makes it quite easy to evaluate the condition of the flexible elements. The indicator is affixed to the outer diameter of the coupling after the coupling is mounted. A stroboscope can be used to determine wear condition even while the coupling is rotating. This means that the production process can continue uninterrupted. Conclusion With the introduction of the N-EUPEX DK, Flender is expanding the modular principle of the N-EUPEX series. The double-cardanic version is being added to the existing short and long types. It is universally applicable, but it is particularly suitable for pump applications. With the introduction of the double-cardanic type, the selection of N-EUPEX couplings can be even more specific with regard to the respective application. At the same time, through extensive testing and material optimisation, Flender has succeeded in increasing both the performance and the bore capacity of the entire N-EUPEX series by nearly one-third. Users now benefit from greater torque, higher rotation speeds and a change in size. The N-EUPEX series has proven itself for decades as a standard solution, and it has now been elevated to a new level of connector technology. N-Eupex DK Torsionally Flexible Couplings NEUPEX The wear indicator of the N-Eupex couplings Flexible elements made of synthetic rubber (NBR) 27 #DriveLineHarmony