Correct coupling selection guide

N-Eupex DK Torsionally Flexible Couplings Increased Performance andHigher Bore Capacity For all types in the N-EUPEX series, Flender is increasing both the performance and the bore capacity of the hubs. To do so, extensive testing was carried out andmaterials were optimized. 2.1 Increased Performance For all types in the N-EUPEX series, Flender increased performance by an average of 30 percent. This means that higher torque and higher rotation speed is guaranteed for all types. The graphic shows a comparison between the previous and the new torque based on degrees of hardness of the elastomer elements of 90 and 80 ShoreA. The progression of the blue curves compared with that of the gray curve shows the increase in torque. For example, for the degree of hardness of 90 ShoreA for size 710, torque was increased by more than 20,000 newton meters (Nm). 2.2 Higher Bore Capacity In addition to enhanced performance, the bore capacity of the hubs was also increased by up to 25 percent. Due to the higher bore capacity and increased performance, the same performance can now be achieved with a smaller coupling size. The change in size is reflected immediately in a reduction in purchasing costs as well as installation space. 25 #DriveLineHarmony