Correct coupling selection guide

Torsionally Flexible Couplings NEWTYPE: N-EUPEXDK Double-cardanic system With the new double-cardanic design, the coupling compensates for not only a greater range of shaft angular offsets, but also a considerably greater radial offset so that shaft ends can be connected where that offers the drive greater protection. With this two-joint version, compensation for the radial offset that occurs between the shaft ends is enabled by a corresponding angle of inclination in the elastomer joints. This increases the range of possible radial offset by more than a mul t iple of four. Especial ly wi th pump applications where shaft ends that are not 100% in alignment present a significant problem. In this case, the N-EUPEX DK provides a solution for many Suitable for use in potentially explosive areas ATEX certification on request N-EUPEX SERIES: A PROVEN STANDARD AT A LEVEL! NEW DKr Double-cardanic system of the N-EUPEX DK DKr problems because, depending on the coupling length and size, it enables compensation for a radial offset of up to 3 millimetres. Furthermore, in contrast to the previous N-EUPEX, the new coupling type "DK" makes use of not just one, but two series of elastomer elements, which guarantees increased damping over the entire drive train. In addition, due to the double-cardanic design, significantly lower restoring forces are generated. The high ratio of shaft and joint clearance also decreases the restoring forces. Depending on size, offset and installation dimensions, the restoring forces decrease by more than half. The result is a lower load on the shafts along with a lower load on the bearings. This is advantageous especially with smaller diameter shafts, which can be damaged due to the wrong coupling design or improper installation, even up to the breakage point. The spacer, made of aluminum with a joined pocket part made of gray cast iron, comes in standard increments for shaft spacing from 100 mm to 250 mm, so its length can be adapted to the customer's design. Flender has succeeded in increasing both the performance and the bore capacity of the entire N-EUPEX series by nearly one-third. As a result, users benefit from greater torque, higher rotation speeds and a reduction in coupling size. The N-EUPEX series has proven itself for decades as a standard solution, and it has now been elevated to a new level of connector technology. N-EUPEX single joint coupling A new type, N-EUPEX DK added to the modular principle of N-EUPEX with performance & bore capacity of all types increased. New Double Cardanic N-Eupex DK Series Torsionally Flexible Couplings 24 #DriveLineHarmony