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1000 mph! jbj Techniques and the Bloodhound SSC project

Specialist power transmission supplier jbj Techniques Limited
were contacted by the staff of BLOODHOUND SSC
R&D engineering team to solve a problem on the fuel pump test rig.

BLOODHOUND SSC project latest news:

Link » Experience the car in 360, and take a seat where fighter pilot Andy Green sits. The video is narrated by motoring journalist Chris Harris. In development since 2008, it is being tested at Newquay airport at speeds of up to 200mph. (26 October 2017)
jbj Techniques had worked with various team members in the past and this previous experience made jbj an easy choice to assist with this project.The scope of supply was to produce a suitable drive coupling with a maximum diameter of 160mm which is capable of transmitting 550Nm @ 10,000 rpm, needed to be as short an assembly as possible and at the same time be able to accept misalignment within the drive-train.jbj proposed a Sier Bath coupling from their principles RL Hydraulics in Germany who are a wholly owned subsidiary of Lovejoy Inc. in the USA. The high torque capacity of the coupling meant that, when assembled, it fitted perfectly within the existing adaptor arrangement and the crown tooth gear form on the coupling allows for relatively high misalignment without transferring loads between the shafts. ‘jbj’ had the blank parts in stock having a comprehensive stock of power transmission couplings of many types and designs. jbj Techniques are well known for this, being able to provide customers with essential quick turnaround to keep industrial downtime to an absolute minimum.
jbj Techniques’s proposed solution required a special drive shaft, which when connected to the output flange of an automotive gearbox enabled easy assembly of the Sier Bath Unit. 3D models were then supplied and approved by the Bloodhound SSC team and after manufacture the complete assembly was dynamically balanced to ensure that the coupling operated without generating any additional forces.

The fuel pump is the pump for the rocket, effectively it's an end suction centrifugal pump driven by a Jaguar 'F' type V8 engine. It’s roll is to pump the oxidizing agent (hydrogen peroxide) into the rocket engine which contains the actual (solid) fuel (rubber). The other engine is a jet and does not require a separate pump.
The end-suction centrifugal pump is basically an impeller mounted within a volute housing, the impeller is mounted on a shaft supported on two bearings. One is mounted close behind the impeller with a pressurised double mechanical seal to prevent leakage. A bearing housing accommodates the length of the shaft and ensures a suitable gap between the bearings sufficient to support the rotating parts. This picture shows it standing on its suction inlet (picture above) flange with the outlet (discharge) pointing to the left and the coupling at the top mounted on the end of the shaft.
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This time lapse video from the BBC shows the construction of BLOODHOUND SSC http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-34341017
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