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Planetary Gearboxes

jbj Techniques offer a complete selection of planetary gearboxes which include
rotating shaft, in-line and right angle output planetary gearbox types.

planetary gearboxes which include rotating shaft, rotating case, in-line and right angle output.

Page contents:

  1. Introduction to planetary gearboxes.
  2. Features of the range.
  3. Modular system.
  4. Technical specification catalogue.
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Complete range of multi-purpose planetary gears. Input can be via electric motor, hydraulic motor, air motor or bare input shaft, be it either a splined or parallel keyed input shaft.
jbj Techniques can accommodate gearbox inputs to suit your own bespoke requirements, even for a one off!

Designed for rugged use and dependability. The gear case is made of nodular iron, whilst the planet carriers, are made out of steel or high-tensile nodular iron. All gearing is heat treated with full addendum modification, as well as lead and profile modification in order to obtain the best performance, efficiency, and low-vibration. The close tolerances in all of the gears and floating planet carriers allow the load to be evenly shared by all the components.

Spline profiles on the gears allow them to handle even larger loads. The all-roller bearing design for the planet gears allows for greater efficiency and superior start-up torque.

These planetary gearboxes also use performance shafts made from high tensile steel to further increase the load that the gearbox can handle. All this coupled with over-sized diameters (compared to industry standard) on the shafts, create a planetary gearbox that can handle almost any application.

Features of the range:

» 32 sizes.
» Output torque up to 1,000,000 Nm.
» Transmittable power up to and above 550 kW.
» Ratios going from 3 to over 3000:1
» High efficiency, up to 98.5% per stage.
» Modular structure.
» Full planetary in-line and combined Gleason-planetary right-angle units available.
» Optional spring applied, hydraulically released, multi-disc brake.
» Various mounting options available.
» Output shafts include parallel keyed, male or female splined, including options for shrink disc mounting.
» Accessories for the low speed shaft include drive flange, splined bush, slew pinion, shrink disc, and torque arm.
» Broad selection of input adaptors to suit IEC or NEMA, air or hydraulic motors, male input shafts for mechanical linkages.

Combined thrust and radial shaft loads may reduce bearing life.

Contact jbj Techniques technical office tel: +44(0)1737767493 or email: info@jbj.co.uk for accurate life calculation of specific application.

Combination of high torque and heavy radial shaft load might require verification of the output shaft.
If the following condition is not fulfilled contact jbj Techniques technical office, for accurate verification of your specific application: [Radial load (applied) ÷ Radial load (admissible)] x [Torque (applied) ÷ Torque (nominal)] < 0.5

For examples of how to select the correct planetary gearbox model, application factors, temperature and speed factors, and gear and bearing life factor graphs please see pages 39 to 42 (link). For complete technical specification catalogue use the link below.

Modular System

Planetary Gearbox modular system key
(1) Motor adaptor for hydraulic motor.
(2) Motor adaptor for electric motor.
(3) High speed shaft.
(4) Multi-disc brake.
(5) Right-angle unit.
(6) One planetary stage.
(7) Two planetary stages.
(8) Three planetary stages.
(9) Four planetary stages.
(10) Solid keyed output support.
(11) Solid splined output support.
(12) Hollow output support for shrink disc.
(13) Hollow splined output support.
(14) Foot mount.
(15) Spline bush.
(16) Fixing flange including bolts.
(17) Drive flange.
(18) Shrink disc.
(19) Splined billet.
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Technical specification of planetary gearboxes found in this on-line » catalogue « link

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