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F20LS / F30LS Ferra Series,
'Load Sense' gear pump

jbj Techniques Limited are the UK distributor for CONCENTRIC Innovation in flow control and fluid power.

Load sensing is a hydraulic circuit configuration which allows the load, as sensed at the control valve, to modulate pump output in relation to system demand.

Controlling both flow and pressure at the pump allows for a significant reduction in valving losses and circuit inefficiencies. The machine is therefore more efficient in terms of power distribution and vehicle life is enhanced due to superior load control.

» Lower fuel and input power consumption
» Cooler hydraulic system operation
» Longer component life and reliability
» Improved vehicle power distribution
» Better load control
F20LS and F30LS Ferra series load sensing gear pump
In the standby condition, the load sensing element senses a zero demand condition and unloads all flow directly to the system's reservoir. In the standby condition, flow is unloaded at approximately 1.4 bar, hence, greatly reducing horsepower consumption and system heat.

The F20LS and F30LS are optimum applied in mobile applications where the vehicle duty cycle is concentrated in either the full speed or the standby condition. The F20LS and F30LS are ideal choices for vehicles which have extended transport or roading modes, eg. tractors, wheel loaders, snow and ice removal trucks amongst others. Significant horsepower savings are achieved during the standby mode.

The F20LS and F30LS are also ideal for many industrial hydraulic applications to simplify and cost reduce traditional circuits. General load sensing, accumulator unload, vented relief valve, multiple relief valve and other types of circuits can all be simplified and cost reduced using these pumps. No need for expensive unloader or vented relief valves. The system costs can be reduced by 50% by incorporating the load sensing feature in these pumps and using significantly less expensive standard directional control valves.
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