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Rotary Gear Flow Dividers

Provide efficient, reliable service.

rotary gear flow dividers

These hydraulic flow dividers provide many useful functions from a single pump source:-

» Synchronised operation of multiple cylinders or fluid motors.
» Proportional division of pump output among several circuits.
» Displacements 3.8 to 13.32 cc (0.232 to 0.813 cu. in.)
» Maximum Pressure 240 Bar (3,500 psi).
» Maximum input flow per section 53 lpm (14 gpm).
» Intensified pressure when pressure higher than pump capacity is needed.

Field-proven Concentric (formerly Haldex) Hydraulic Systems' rotary gear flow dividers provide efficient, reliable service for a wide variety of applications in agricultural, materials handling, and construction equipment.

Specification of rotary gear flow dividers found in this on-line » catalogue « link

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