Correct coupling selection guide

Example: Coupling speed = 1450 rpm required balancing quality level G6.3 e = 9550 • G= 9550 • 6.3 μm perm n 1450 Thus, the required eccentricity of centre of gravity is 41.5 μm. The fine balancing with a maximum eccentricity of centre of gravity of 40mm fulfills this requirement; therefore, the order codeW02 has to be specified when ordering. For many applications the following balancing quality recommendation applies: Coupling standard balancing ν = DA ⋅ n/19100 fine balancing Short version with LG ≤ 3 x DA ν ≤ 30m/s ν > 30m/s Long version with LG> 3 x DA ν ≤ 15m/s ν > 15m/s Peripheral speed: ν inmm/s. Coupling outer diameter: DA inmm. Coupling speed: n in rpm. Coupling length: LG inmm. The following standards on balancingmust be observed: » couplings are balanced in subassemblies. » hub parts without finished bore are unbalanced. » the number of balancing levels (one- or two-level balancing) is specified by Flender. » without special specification, balancing is done in accordance with the half-parallel-key standard. Balancing in accordance with the full-parallel-key standardmust be specified in the order number. » FLUDEX, when operating at speeds up to 1800 rpm, are always balanced to DIN ISO 1940 G6.3. For higher speeds micro-balancing can be requested (Ordering code + W03 must be quoted). Balancing is made in accordance with the half parallel key standard and the 2 level system with 75% oil filling. » ARPEX couplings are unbalanced as standard. This is due to the steel components being machined all over and adaptors being precisely located. This ensures standard balancing is always adhered to. Shaft-hub connections The shaft hub connections are determined by the design of the machine shaft. In the case of IEC standard motors, the shaft and key details are specified in accordance with DIN EN 50347. For diesel engines, the flywheel connections are generally specified to SAE J620d or DIN 6288 standards. The relevant coupling hub parallel bore and keyway dimensions are normally specified to DIN 6885. Splined bores to DIN 5480, DIN5482 and SAE standards are common. The correct form of the coupling hub can only be determined when shaft details and application details are confirmed. In the case of the shaft – hub connection with parallel key, the coupling hub must be secured, e.g. either with a set screw or shaft end bolt and washer. The parallel key must also be secured against axial movement. All Flender couplings with finish bore and keyway are supplied with a set screw, the exception being some of the Fludex series which are designed for use with end bolt and washer. Please turnover for standards Technical Information Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings 6 #DriveLineHarmony