Correct coupling selection guide

Fitting recommendations for the shaft-hub connection are detailed within the following pages. The coupling hub is normally fitted flush with the shaft end face. If the shaft protrudes care must be taken to ensure that other coupling parts do not clash. If the shaft is set back, the correct positioning of the hub must be checked to confirm sufficient shaft-hub engagement exists and that there is sufficient load bearing capacity. If the bearing hub length is insufficient, restorative forces may cause wear and possible axial displacement. Also, care must be taken to ensure sufficient parallel shaft or key length exists. Checking LowTemperature andChemically Aggressive Environment The minimum permitted coupling temperature is specified in the Temperature factor FT table (page 15). In the case of chemically aggressive environments, please consult jbj Techniques technical office, telephone 01737 767493 or email: Features of the Flender Product Range. Couplings Features of Standard Type All coupling series exceptARPEX clamping hubs Bore tolerance H7 and FLUDEXwith keyway toASMEB17.1 N-ARPEX andARPEX clamping hubs Bore tolerance H6 Hollow shafts: bore tolerance K7 FLUDEX couplings with keyway toASMEB17.1 other parts: Bore toleranceM7 All coupling series with bore imperial bore diameter Parallel keyway toASMEB17.1 Metric bore diameter for ZAPEX, N-ARPEX and ARPEX coupling series as well as coupling hubs with Parallel keyway to DIN 6885-1 keyway width P9 applied brake disks or brake drums of the N-EUPEX and RUPEX series. Metric bore diameter for N-EUPEX, RUPEX, N-BIPEX, ELPEX-S, ELPEX-B Parallel keyway to DIN 6885-1 keyway width JS9 ELPEX, FLUDEX coupling series. All coupling series except FLUDEX Axial locking by means of set screw FLUDEX coupling series Axial lock by means of set screw or end washer All coupling series Balancing in accordance with half parallel key standard ZAPEX, N-ARPEX,ARPEX, N-EUPEX, RUPEX, N-BIPEX, Balancing quality G16 ELPEX-S, ELPEX-B and ELPEX coupling series FLUDEX coupling series Balancing quality G6.3 All series Unpainted All series Preservation with cleaning emulsion FLUDEX couplings Fuse 140 °C Coupling Size Selection Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings 17 #DriveLineHarmony