Correct coupling selection guide

Coupling Load Due to Dynamic Torque Load Applying the frequency factor FF, the dynamic torque load must be lower than the coupling fatigue torque. Dynamic torque load T ≥ T ⋅ FF KW W Frequency of the dynamic torque load f ≤ 10 Hz frequency factor FF = 1.0 err Frequency of the dynamic torque load f > 10 Hz frequency factor FF = √(f /10 Hz) err err For the ZAPEX and ARPEX series, the frequency factor is always FF = 1.0. Selection of the Coupling Size Checking the maximum speed For all load situations n ≥ n Kmax max Checking Permitted Shaft Misalignment For all load situations, the actual shaft misalignment must be less than the permitted shaft misalignment. Checking Bore Diameter, Mounting Geometry and Coupling Design The check must be made on the basis of the dimension tables. The maximum bore diameter applies to parallel keyways to DIN 6885. For other keyway geometries, the maximum bore diameter can be reduced. On request, couplings with adapted geometry can be provided. CouplingBehaviour Under Overload Conditions The ZAPEX, N-ARPEX, ARPEX, N-EUPEX, RUPEX and N-BIPEX coupling series can withstand overloads until the breakage of metal parts. These coupling series are designated as fail-safe. The N-EUPEX DS, ELPEX-B, ELPEX-S and ELPEX coupling series throw overload. The elastomer element of these couplings is irreparably damaged without damage to metal parts when subjected to excessive overload. These coupling series are designated as non-fail-safe. These types that fail can be fitted with a so-called fail-safe device. This additional component enables emergency operation, even after the rubber element of the coupling has been irreparably damaged. Checking Shaft-HubConnection The torques specified in the tables of power ratings data of the coupling series do not necessarily apply to the shaft hub connection. Depending on the shaft-hub connection, proof of form stability is required. It is recommended that the following standards are used to ensure proof of form strength is obtained. Shaft-hub connection Suggestion for calculationmethod Keyway connection to DIN 6885-1 DIN 6892 Shrink fit DIN 7190 Spline to DIN 5480 Bolted flange connection VDI 2230 Flange connection with close-fitting bolts 16 #DriveLineHarmony Coupling Size Selection Mechanical Power Transmission Couplings