jbj Techniques Limited & the BLOODHOUND SSC project

an excellence in engineering The coupling under went dynamic balancing before delivery because of the high speeds it needed to perform at. The specification was 550Nm at 10,000rpm and it had to be 160mm maximum diameter, as short as possible, fit to an automotive output fl a n g e a n d a l l o w a s m u c h misalignment as possible. Not a job for a simple spider coupling! The Lovejoy ‘Sier Bath’ coupling was the perfect solution. Seen below moun t ed t o t he end - s u c t i on centrifugal pump. Slightly bigger than the average road car fuel pump. The Bloodhound SSC taking shape. which contains the actual (solid) fuel (rubber). The other engine is a jet and does not require a separate pump. The end-suction centrifugal pump is basically an impeller mounted within a volute housing, the impeller is mounted on a shaft supported on two bearings. One is mounted close behind the impeller with a pressurised double mechanical seal to prevent leakage. Abearing housing accommodates the length of the shaft and ensures a suitable gap between the bearings sufficient to support the rotating parts. This picture shows it standing on its suction inlet (picture above) flange with the outlet (discharge) pointing to the left and the coupling at the topmounted on the end of the shaft.