4 #DriveLineHarmony www.jbj.co.uk/spider-couplings.html Jaw-in-shear Couplings Overview Jaw In-Shear (JIS) 6 Pin Saves Time, Maintenance, and Inventory Costs ■ Created through Lovejoy’s commitment to continual product improvement ■ Unique 6 pin locking system ■ Utilizes the standard Lovejoy L and C Type hub design ■ The spider is radially removable, so neither hub needs to be removed from their shaft and no tools are needed Choose from 16 Jaw In-Shear 6 Pin Sizes and New Spacer design ■ Available in bore sizes up to 9 inches ■ Spacer version designed as a non-lubricates drop-in replacement for a grid spacer coupling ■ The JIS 6 Pin spacer coupling is available in sizes LS090-CS350 ■ Spacer sizes cover BSE (between shaft end measurement) of 3.5, 5, 7, and 9 inches, depending on coupling size Jaw In-Shear 6 Pin Stainless Steel Option For highly corrosive, heavy washdown environments, the JIS 6 Pin design combined with Lovejoy’s stainless steel jaw hubs creates a totally stainless steel coupling. Features ■ 2° angular misalignment capability ■ .030 -.094 of an inch parallel misalignment capability ■ Torsional wind-up of 5° at full load ■ 50D shore Urethane material – maximum temperature of 200° F (93° C) ■ The retaining ring is made from #347 cast stainless steel ■ Stainless steel hubs are available for sizes SS075-SS150 from stock. All other stainless steel hub sizes are available as made to order ■ Can be used with ATLype aluminum jaw coupling hubs for AL090/095, AL099, 100 and AL110 ■ The Original JIS locking ring is interchangeable with the new JIS 6 Pin elastomer Jaw In-Shear 6 Pin Element 50D Shore Urethane Material Jaw In-Shear 6 Pin Assembled Jaw In-Shear 6 Pin Ring Stainless Steel