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PNEUMATIC MOTORS 10 15 Accessories catalog DMO - PMW pneumatic gearwheel motors and spur gear motors Pneumatic-Motors Dok.-Nr. LM1-009 UK Quality Products for Mechanical & Fluid Power

an excellence in engineering comprehensive range of components You Tube Products • Hydraulic radial piston motors • Hydraulic axial piston motors • Pneumatic motors • Pneumatic starters • Hydraulic and pneumatic controls • Hydraulic power units Designing controls and hydraulic power units specii c to the customer is our company´s major strength. Vast product diversity is also available for standardized products. Industrial areas of application • Machine tools • Smelting and rolling mill equipment • Foundry machines • Testing machines • Shipbuilding (diesel engines) • Of shore technology • Printing and paper technology • Vehicle construction • Manipulators • Environmental technology • Mining equipment • Materials handling equipment 01737 767493 - registered in England No: 1185469 - jbj Techniques Limited is ISO certificated, committed to international coordination & unification of industrial standards. A range of products ATEX certificated to directive 94/9/E requirements

2013-08/ 04 Catalogue LM1 - 009 UK Page 2 Edition Contents accessories catalog Designation ............................................................................................... page contents ............................................................................................... 02 ball valve PN25 ............................................................................................... 03 ball valve PN40 ............................................................................................... 04 ball valve PN63 ............................................................................................... 05 socket dirth trap working pressure up to 16 bar / 40 bar ................................................. 06 speed controler ............................................................................................... 07 lubricator with inspection glass ........................................................................................ 08 2/2 way valve pneumatic control ...................................................................................... 09 pressure reducing valve G2 DN50 .................................................................................... 10 maintenance unit normal fog lubricator ............................................................................ 11 maintenance unit with filter, pressure regulator, lubricator .............................................. 12 air connecting flange ............................................................................................... 13 air connecting flange with weld neck flange .................................................................... 14 exhaust flange with weld neck flange ............................................................................... 15

2013-08/ 04 Catalogue LM1 - 009 UK Page 3 Edition Ball valve PN25 order- no. DN D (zoll) H (mm) L (mm) L1 (mm) R (mm) SW (mm) SW1 (mm) PN (bar) weight (kg) 20.2076.0004 4 G1/8 44 50 11 60 24 8 25 0,3 20.2076.0006 6 G1/4 44 50 12,5 60 24 8 25 0,3 20.2076.0010 10 G3/8 50 60 12,5 60 30 8 25 0,4 20.2076.0013 12 G1/2 55 75 15 100 36 10 25 0,6 20.2076.0016 16 G1/2 68 75 15 130 41 10 25 0,7 20.2076.0020 20 G3/4 70 80 18 130 46 10 25 0,8 20.2076.0025 25 G1 82 90 20 180 55 12 25 1,2 20.2076.0032 32 G11/4 110 110 21 205 70 16 25 2,5 20.2076.0040 40 G11/2 115 120 23 205 80 16 25 3,2 20.2076.0050 50 G2 125 140 24 205 100 16 25 5,2 schematic symbol ball valve Material: DN4 - DN25 : steel casing DN32 - DN50 : cast iron casing Ball : brass Seal : perbunan Connection : pipe thread DIN ISO 228/1

2013-08/ 04 Catalogue LM1 - 009 UK Page 4 Edition Ball valve PN40 Material: DN32 - DN50 : cast iron casing Ball : brass Seal : perbunan Connection : pipe thread DIN ISO 228/1 schematic symbol ball valve order- no. DN D (Zoll) H (mm) L (mm) L1 (mm) R (mm) SW (mm) SW1 (mm) PN (bar) weight (kg) 20.2076.0032A 32 G11/4 110 110 21 205 70 16 40 2,5 20.2076.0040A 40 G11/2 115 120 23 205 80 16 40 3,2 20.2076.0050A 50 G2 125 140 24 205 100 16 40 5,2

2013-08/ 04 Catalogue LM1 - 009 UK Page 5 Edition Ball valve PN63 schematic symbol ball valve order- no. DN (Zoll) D (mm) D1 (mm) H (mm) L (mm) L1 (mm) R (mm) TK (mm) SW (mm) PN (bar) weight (kg) 20.2078.1050 50 G 2 150 14 130 200 20 300 120 16 63 10 20.2078.1065 65 G 21/2 225 14 146 250 25 300 185 16 63 17 20.2078.1080 80 G 3 225 18 160 260 25 500 185 22 63 33 Material: DN50 - DN80 : steel casing Ball : brass Seal : perbunan Connection : both sides flange special design

2013-08/ 04 L C C A A H SW SW Catalogue LM1 - 009 UK Page 6 Edition Socket dirth trap working pressure up to 16 bar working pressure up to 40 bar The dirt trap protects the electro-pneumatic valves against contamination. It should always be installed between the compressed air tank and pressure reducing valve. In this way, impurities such as rust flaking, scale, etc. hemp fibers retained. Failure due to clogging or leaking valves on the valve seat is thus avoided. The dirt trap is therefore increasing operational safety and reliability of both devices as well as the whole system. The filter must be periodically cleaned out and screwed. Material : Brass housing or nickel-plated brass Stainless steel sieve Mounting position : Sieve inclined downwards so that the dirt particles accumulate and settle down Flow direction : Flow direction arrow flow direction order- no. A (Zoll) C (mm) H (mm) L (mm) SW (mm) mesh aperture sieve (mm) p (bar) weight (kg) 20.2080.1100 G1 15 50 75 40 0,8 16 0,4 20.2080.1200 G11/2 17 70 105 55 0,8 16 1,0 20.2080.1300 G2 18 90 126 70 0,8 16 1,4 209990.0431 G1 14 64 90 41 0,25 40 0,7 20.9990.0420 G11/2 18 84 120 55 0,25 40 1,4 20.9990.0427 G2 20 102 150 70 0,25 40 2,5

2013-08/ 04 Catalogue LM1 - 009 UK Page 7 Edition Speed controler The reduction takes place in both directions of flow. The compressed air passes through the side holes to the throttle position. This is formed between the housing and the adjustable sleeve. By rotating the sleeve, the cross section of the throttle point is infinitely variable. weight: 4,1 kg Order- no. includes: 1 throttle valve NG 30 on: 80.4121.3010 1 double nipple G1 1/2 - G1 1/2 on: 18.1070.1212 2 o-ring seal A48 x 55 DIN 7603 CU on: 18.1160.1169 Ordering information: exhaust throttle, cpl. on: 93.0000.0024 Threaded connection to the motor housing motor type PMW 160 - PMW 530 design „W“. Exhaust port with additional thread for a silencer. schematic symbol speed controler

2013-08/ 04 Catalogue LM1 - 009 UK Page 8 Edition Lubricatior with inspection glass Technical data: Material : typ D0100 = steel casing typ 0087 = red brass casing Connection : tube female thread DIN ISO 228/1 Mountig position : horizontal flow direction schematic symbol lubricator typ NW/G order-no. DN D (mm) H (mm) H1 (mm) H2 (mm) L (mm) P (bar) V (cm3) m (kg) D0100 G1 BSP 20.2020.1200 25 140 180 130 97 130 10 300 1,6 D0100 G11/2 BSP 20.2020.1300 40 140 210 130 126 130 10 300 2,5 D0100 G2 BSP 20.2020.1400 50 140 210 130 112 130 10 300 2,5 A0087 G2 BSP 20.2022.0000 50 20 300

2013-08/ 04 E D A B C F G H Catalogue LM1 - 009 UK Page 9 Edition 2/2 way valve pneumatic control typ order- no. A (mm) B (zoll) C (zoll) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm) G (mm) H (mm) ARKV- 15 NG 20.2032.1100 65 G1/2 G1/8 55 61 41,5 95 109,5 ARKV- 20 NG 20.2032.1200 76 G3/4 G1/4 65 75 50 112 129 ARKV- 25 NG 20.2032.1300 91 G1 G1/4 65 75 57 119 139 ARKV- 40 NG 20.2032.1400 123 G11/2 G1/4 110 112 67 137 167,5 ARKV- 50 NG 20.2032.1500 150 G2 G1/4 134 134 75 153 190 Features: Technical data: building typ : seat valve working pressure area: 0 to 10 bar mode of operation : normaly closed ambient temperature: - 20°C to + 80°C mounting position : any old medium temperature: 0°C to + 80°C flow direction : identified control medium : prepared compressed air work medium : compressed air fixing possibility : directly into the pipeline Description: The pneumatically operated pressure relief valves are preferably suitable for compressed air, also for gases and pressurized water (only for low flow- speed and valve closing speed).The installation can be performed directly in the pipeline. The valves can be remotely operated from somewhere (opened or closed). The compressed air supply to the actuating cylinder causes the rapid opening of the valve, for which only two switching positions are possible (opened or closed). When installing, pay attention to the prescribed flow direction (arrow on the valve housing). flow direction schematic symbol 2/2 way walve

2013-08/ 04 Catalogue LM1 - 009 UK Page 10 Edition pressure reducing valve G2 DN50 Flow volume at p1 = p2 + 2 bar Sekondary relief p2 4 bar 6 bar 10 bar 16 bar 25 bar Flow volume (expanded air) 900 Nm3/h 1200 Nm3/h 1500 Nm3/h 1680 Nm3/h 1920 Nm3/h Characteristics: - Constant pressure regulator with feedback control, that is even under fluctuating pressure remains in the unit operating pressure constant - Overpressure protection of back control borehole ø 3 mm - Primary- and secondary- pressure- glyzerin- manometer, mounted at both ends - Very high flow - Flow direction is indicated by arrows - Casing made of aluminium Technical features: nominal size connection: G2 DN50 allowed of max. inlett pressure: 40 bar adjustment range: 0,5 - 25 bar primaty- pressure- glyz.- manometer: 0 - 40 bar secondary- pressure- glyz.- manometer: 0 - 25 bar medium: compressed air medium temperature: -10° C bis +60° C ambient temperature: -10° C bis +90° C mounting position: optional / note directional arrows (adjustment the glyzerin- manometer that the rubber cap shows on the top) - weight: 6 kg Order-no. pressure recucing valve: 15.9700.05A Order-no. set of wear parts : EW417/999 secondary pressure setting schem.symb.pressure reduc.valve flow direction

2013-08/ 04 Catalogue LM1 - 009 UK Page 11 Edition Maintenance unit - normal fog- lubricator schematic symbol maitenance unit normal fog- lubricator Technical data: operating medium : compressed air operating pressure : 0,7 bar min. - 17 bar max. control range : 0,4 bis 0,8 bar device temperature : -20 bis +80°C air quality : according ISO8573-1, class 3 und class 5 (particle) manometer connection : Rc 1/8 material : cage, frame, chamber, end coer: alu pressure casting filter element: sinter bronze gaskets: synthetic elastomeric typ order-no. DN (Zoll) A (mm) B (mm) nom.pressure (bar) chamber volume (cm3) filter element (μm) draining BL 68 - 836 20.9990.0546 G1 283 362 16 500 40 manual flow- direction

2013-08/ 04 Catalogue LM1 - 009 UK Page 12 Edition Maintenance unit with filter, governor and lubricator schematic symbol maintenance unit filter, governor, lubricator flange design thread design flowdirection typ order-no. DN nom. size A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) nom. pressure bar circulatory m3/min oil volume cm3 weight (kg) C630-08FRL-W-D 20.9990.0588 25 / G1 400 267 197 16 9 500 7,2 C630-12FRL-W-D 20.9990.0589 40 / G11/2 419 286 206 16 11 500 9,6 C630-16FRL-W-D 20.9990.0566 50 / G2 485 425 356 16 28 500 16,1 typ order-no. DN nom. size A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) nom. pressure bar circulatory m3/min oil volume cm3 weight (kg) C630-08FRL-W-D-F 20.9990.0590 25 / G1 520 267 197 16 9 1000 8,2 C630-12FRL-W-D-F 20.9990.0591 40 / G11/2 559 286 206 16 11 1000 10,6 C630-16FRL-W-D-F 20.9990.0592 50 / G2 661 425 356 16 28 1000 17,1 Function : The inlett pressure p1 must be at least 2 bar higher than the outlet pressure p2. Material : casing - zinc diecasting oiler and filter - zinc diecasting with level indicator Draining : manually hand- drain Temperatur range : 0 to 70° C Filter element- mesh aperture : 40 μm Mounting position : horizontal flowdirection

The length dimension L and L1 can become adapted to the conditions. 2013-08/ 04 Catalogue LM1 - 009 UK Page 13 Edition Air connection flange The length dimension L and L1 can become adapted to the conditions. thread- connection pipe- connection order-no. motor size DN (Zoll) D1 (mm) D2 (mm) D3 (mm) TK (mm) L (mm) L1 (mm) 02.0000.0012 DMO8 G 11/2 70 130 14 100 42 20 02.0000.0014 DMO15/20 G 2 85 150 14 120 48 28 02.0000.0033 DMO35G G 21/2 95 225 18 185 65 38 order-no. motor size DN (mm) D1 (mm) D2 (mm) D3 (mm) TK (mm) L (mm) L1 (mm) L2 (mm) 02.0000.0032 DMO8 49 70 130 14 100 30 10 7 02.0000.0031 DMO15/20 61 90 150 14 120 32 12 7 02.0000.0035 DMO35G 77 225 14 185 32 7 side of motor connection side of motor connection

2013-08/ 04 Catalogue LM1 - 009 UK Page 14 Edition Air connection flange with weld neck flange The length dimension L can become adapted to the conditions. order-no. motor size DN (mm) D1 (mm) D2 (mm) D3 (mm) TK1 (mm) TK2 (mm) L (mm) L1 (mm) NW flange DIN 2633 02.0000.0013 DMO15/20 52,6 150 14 19,1 120 120,7 74,5 55,5 NW 2“ ASA 02.0000.0015 DMO35G 55 225 18 18 185 125 72 45 NW 50 02.0000.0015A DMO35G 70,3 225 18 18 185 145 72 45 NW 65 02.0000.0016 DMO35 /DMO56 78 225 18 19,1 185 152,4 150 125 NW 3“ ASA side of motor connection

2013-08/ 04 Catalogue LM1 - 009 UK Page 15 Edition exhaust flange with weld neck flange The length dimension L can become adapted to the conditions. order-no. motor size DN (mm) D1 (mm) D2 (mm) D3 (mm) D4 (pipe/mm) TK1 (mm) TK2 (mm) L (mm) L1 (mm) NW flange DIN 2633 02.0000.0018 DMO8 105 200 14 18 114,3x3,6 150 180 130 52 NW 100 02.0000.0019 DMO8 / DMO15 110 200 14 18 133x16 150 210 133 55 NW 125 02.0000.0020 DMO20 150,7 240 14 22 168,3x8,8 200 240 130 55 NW 150 side of motor connection

General Machining $ppOication 0arket or +ow 8seG )eatures 8tiOi]eG Construction Machinery vibrator used to settle wet concrete corrosion resistant Concrete Vibrators Drive Àexible shafts that actuates Lightweight, portable Hose & cable feeders Pull hose & cable through pipe or Variable horsepower from 1 manhole to another burnout proof, portable Pipe cutters & threaders Drive chuck that holds and rotates Burnout proof, portable pipe against stationary cutter or die head Automatic materials Drive chain conveyor that delivers Variable speed, parts against stop so they can be reversible Handling of powders Drive vibrators to speed unloading Variable speed, & granular materials of railroad cars, Non-electrical sparking tanks, bins, etc. ejects parts. Conveyors machined, then withdraws & Material movers Drive belt conveyor Variable speed Electroplating barrel Provide correct speed for Variable speed for handling variable loads burnout proof Rapid tire changers Rotate the mount/demount arm Variable speed drive quality plating Parts washers Move hangers or baskets carrying Non-electrical sparking Steel drum openers Power giant ³can opener´ Lightweight, variable resistance seam welders Rock bit grinders Hold grinding wheel for grinding Variable speed, reversible Power driven turntables Drive a large-diameter turntable Variable horsepower parts through Àammable solvent sparking Tank cleaners Rotate no]]le in planes so Non-electrical sparking cleaning solution hot, caustic or corrosion resistance speed, Non-electrical Car wash machines Oscillate water no]]les & power Corrosion resistance Rotary index tables Provide smooth rotary power and Variable speed rock bits nonelectric sparking Non-electrical sparking variable speed to machine tools Electric seam welders Rotate contact rollers on portable Lightweight, reversible Tumbling barrels Regulate speed of tumbling Variable speed the like reaches all interior surfaces Air Motor Applications

Air Motor Applications Air-hydraulic sawmill Move log-feed carriage back Non-electrical sparking that operates log-holding spikes $ppOication 0arket or +ow 8seG )eatures 8tiOi]eG cartridges & forth drive hydraulic pump reversible Hoisting Equipment Power-driven tank Raise & lower scaႇold & rotate Variable speed Travelling bridge Power bridge, trolley, and hoist Variable speed cranes drives change direction of reversible Vertical door Raise and lower waterproof Nonelectrical Molten metal circulators Keep hot material circulating in Heat resistance, scaႇolds it around circular tanks Non-electrical sparking bulk tanks so outer edges don¶t nonelectric cool to congealing point portable Low temperature Drive agitators in liquid Variable speed bridge, trolley, and hoist liquid test units viscosity chambers temperature openers/closers ship bulkhead doors reversible Portable drum rotators Supply power to rotate steel drum Lightweight for mixing, blending, and cleaning variable speed into containers Non-electrical sparking ¿lling area carrying packages to and from Packaging Equipment Packaging machines Form packages and drive conveyor Variable speed Explosive packagers Mix and auger explosive mixture Variable speed Box formers Drive hot metal glue dispenser Variable speed heat resistance units application Paint Finishing Equipment Centrifugal enamelling Spin basket of parts coated by Variable speed Paint heaters Drive circulating pump on paint Non-electrical sparking turntable automatically Non-electrical sparking Portable paint mixers Drive propeller at end of shaft to mix Variable speed indexes, rotates spindles carrying variable speed 8rethane dispensing Agitate and mix urethane before Variable speed Paint spray rotators Rotate turntable and, when Corrosion resistance heater dipping to remove excess Non-electrical sparking pigments with binders on job site Non-electrical sparking parts to spraying enamel by centrifugal force

Non-electrical sparking Plywood edge painters Drive paint agitator and roller Portable Printing press Supply power for raising and Burnout proof Bar, barrel, & tube Help passage of stock through Variable speed Epoxy dispensers Maintain ¿llers in suspension Non-electrical sparking molding guns yarn variable speed marking oႇset printer Non-electrical sparking Turbine-compressor Start turbine that drives a booster Nonelectric $ppOication 0arket or +ow 8seG )eatures 8tiOi]eG Variable speed Glass ¿bre spray Drive chopper that cuts glass-¿ber Lightweight variable speed Paint dip tanks Drive circulating pump Non-electrical sparking variable speed Printing Equipment lowering stacks of paper at variable speed feed point Dust resistance Pump Drive Industries manufacturing plants, and others variable speed where Àammable or explosive liquids must be pumped starters & pre-lubricators compressor on a gas transmission nonelectrical sparking a pump that feeds oil to line small air motor that drives compressor bearing Silk screen printers Drive squeegee Nonelectrical sparking Molten metal pumps Drive pump Heat resistance Chemical process Drive pumps in re¿neries, chemical Nonelectrical sparking Bolt tensioners Drive hydraulic pump supplying Variable speed hydraulic cylinders Fan Drive Humidi¿ers Drive fan to dispense steam Heat resistance burnout proof Variable speed Moisture resistance Valve actuators Automate any hand-wheel valve Non-electrical sparking Valve Operation Vehicular (continued overleaf) Rock breaking picks Raise pick and allow it to free fall Portable on the rock Dust resistance Non-electrical sparking Air Motor Applications

Rock drilling rig Drive individual crawler tracks Variable speed supply power to cylinders travelling hot formed shapes Heat-resistance feeder for screw driver alignment device that pick up oil Àoating on water Non-electrical sparking and drive hydraulic pump to Non-electrical sparking variable speed equipment paint tank also drive gas-bead Corrosion resistance Gasoline truck Rewind gasoline delivery hose Non-electrical sparking Road stripping Drive paddle-type agitator in Non-electrical sparking Floating oil skimmers Drive sponge-covered cylinders Portable evaporators solution in a thin ¿lm over a large Sewer & drain pipe Rotate and power the cleaner Non-electrical sparking Automatic screw Drive a hopper agitator and screw Variable speed $ppOication 0arket or +ow 8seG )eatures 8tiOi]eG that position drill boom. stacking equipment actuates lifting cylinder Non-electrical sparking Moveable lifting and Drive hydraulic pump that Variable speed Miscellaneous Hot metal markers Drive metal marker wheel, which Variable speed High-vacuum Rotate vacuum vessel to spread Variable speed cleaners forward and back through the pipe burnout proof surface area Air Motor Applications

Quality products for mechanical & uid power, manufactured, prociently combined as units, & distributed by jbj Techniques Ltd. Contact us for expert help and advice telephone: +44 (0)1737 767493 or email: » Weight 12.5 to 52 kg. These pneumatic starters mainly comprise a toothed wheel motor, a single-track pinion with reduction gear and a valve combination. Since the toothed wheel motor develops its greatest torque when breaking out, it is particularly suitable for starting diesel engines. These pneumatic starters can be operated using air or gas. » Start-up torque up to 510 Nm (Increase possible through design as a double starter). The reliable operating characteristics of these air starters guarantees safe starting of the diesel engine even under extreme environmental conditions, i.e. they can even be used for applications in the tropics, in the Arctic circle, in deserts or offshore. » Capacity 4.7 to 70 kW. » Air consumption 5.6 to 62 Nm³/min. » Geometrical displacement 265 to 2360 cm³/U. Air starters independent of electrical energy systems, maintenance-free and explosion-safe. » Operating pressure up to 15 bar. Industrial areas of application: » Environmental technology. » Foundry machines. » Machine tools. » Smelting and rolling mill equipment. » Materials handling equipment. » Printing and paper technology. » Manipulators. Benefits / characteristics: » Vehicle construction. » rpm adjustment by easy throttle control. » direction change by way-valves with manual or remote control. » higher start-torque at max power. » Testing machines. » Ship building/offshore technology. » Mining equipment. » time-unlimited overload also at stand still. » standardized flange & shaft dimensions exchangeable with electro-motors. » additional silencers are available. » difference-pressure-oiler for permanent operation and damp air. » good silencing due to long exhaust ways. » high life-time due to hardened and ground rotors. » special construction for operation with un-oiled air. » particularly suited for operation in explosive environment. » solid construction guarantees high operation security. » IEC flange and shaft dimensions according DIN 42677 waterproofed. . . . . engineered for use in extreme operating conditions. . . . . engineered for use in extreme operating conditions.

Getting the most out of your machinery often depends on close integration between all components. An organisation that manufactures and integrates all the diverse components of a drivetrain provides the experience to help you select the best component combination for your application. jbj Techniques’ in-house design team and manufacturing facility provide tailored solutions for your applications at competitive prices with quick delivery. The following examples are a simplistic view of how jbj Techniques assists customers. Hydraulic Adaptors Designed primarily to allow the close coupling of hydraulic pumps to a variety of prime movers, such as diesel / petrol engines, electric, air or hydraulic motors, they can also be used in the connection from prime mover to alternative driven parts i.e. gear boxes, generators, water or vacuum pumps etc. An additional range of engine front PTO adaptors, which provide additional connection between the engine pulley and the driven part are also available. The kit comprises of a and flexible bellhousing drive that are fully machined to suit the coupling driving and driven components. These can be to suit either shaft to shaft, flange (flywheel) to shaft or even flange to flange connections. Getting the most out of your equipment will demand close integration between all components. In specifying jbj Techniques as your preferred supplier, you will have selected a company with the experience to specify, manufacture and integrate all of the diverse components that will ensure the best component combination for your application. jbj's in house design team and manufacturing facility provide tailored solutions for your applications at competitive pricing and on-time deliveries. Pump shaft alignment is key to preventing unnecessary wear and damage to the pump shaft seal and bearing. Improper alignment may lead to premature pump failure. Also to be considered are unwanted torsional resonant frequencies in the system which can quickly cause damage to components in the drivetrain and reduce system life and performance. Improper pump installation can lead to premature failure, increased maintenance costs and reduced production levels of final product. jbj Techniques can advise on the correct installation of into Industrial / hydraulic pumps mobile / marine / machine tool / agricultural / offshore industries and can specify complete driveline systems from their extensive range of components which are available from stock or manufactured to order, albeit simple or complex, standard or bespoke. Electric Motor – Hydraulic Pump Adaptors (safe area) jbj Techniques Limited offer the most comprehensive range of in Europe. bellhousings Designed to connect electric motors with frame size IEC D56 - D400 (0.06kW – 750kW) and can be compatible with electric motor 'B5' or 'B14' flange configurations. Accompanying the metric frame units above is a complete range of mountings to suit Nema and imperial frame motors with 'C' face or 'D' flange fitments. With fully machined , torsionally flexible couplings or available, jbj ensure torsionally rigid couplings the most suitable combination is selected for the application in hand. As an example spider couplings are available in various materials including aluminium, grey cast iron, nodular iron, steel and stainless steels and can be finish machined with parallel, taper or splined bores to DIN, SAE, ANSI or ISO standards. Bellhousings can be manufactured in aluminium or cast iron material as standard, however, units can be produced in a variety of exotic materials on request. The aluminium product range is produced in either monoblock or composite formats giving great flexibility in design and allows for early delivery time, often with same or next day delivery possibilities. For applications where low noise levels are a quality products for mechanical & fluid power #DriveLineHarmony an excellence in engineering

ensuring a continuing high quality service in which customers can have complete confidence. “ “ requirement then a complete range of antivibration and noise reduction components add to the range. Electric motor – Hydraulic Pump Adaptors (hazardous area) Designed to meet the exacting safety standards of the offshore and chemical process industries, jbj Techniques produce certificated to adaptor kits Directive 2014/34/EU II2GD-IM2-TX -50 C< Service Temp < +105 C. Harmonised standards BS EN 1127:1, BS EN 13463:1, BS EN13463:5, BS EN 50303, BS EN 1834-1,BS EN 1834-3. Generally manufactured in Cast or Nodular iron, bellhousings can be produced in steel, stainless steel or alternative exotic materials on customer request. Couplings supplied for these applications are the jbj Techniques 'JXL' pin and bush range which provide an anti-static and flameproof drive which meet zone 1 area requirements, conforming to all of the above standards. Also available are spider and gear couplings which are certified to zone 2 standards. (Contact jbj Techniques for details). An important development of equipment for use within hazardous areas is the wet mount series of bellhousings. Commissioned to research and develop a product that would control the high temperature generated by a piston pump shaft seal when working within cycling applications. A little considered issue is the frictional heat generated at the shaft seal when the application requires the pump to cycle between different pressures causing the seal temperature to increase. This process will often take the seal temperature out and above the levels required by the relevant ATEX standards requirement. This specially designed assembly allows a pumped cooling flow to be passed over the seal face and through an auxiliary cooler, this in turn reduces the seal face temperature which can be maintained at an acceptable level. With a vast array of components to select from, jbj are well placed to provide all required components to support the required cooling system. Diesel Engine – Hydraulic Pump Adaptors A complete range of bellhousing and couplings exist for the connection of a diesel engine flywheel to a specified driven component, be it an oil hydraulic pump, water pump, generator or similar device. With the bellhousing available in various materials to suit all application areas. With a standard range to connect Diesel engines with SAE dimensions from SAE '6' to SAE '0' jbj are well placed to satisfy the majority of customer requirements. Couplings to complete the assembly are available in either torsionally flexible or torsionally rigid design ad can be supplied to suit SAE flywheel dimensions from SAE 6.5” to SAE 18”. For hydraulic pumps to be mounted to engines that do not conform to SAE dimensions, we offer a full range of assembly parts, some of which (but not all) are shown here » for diesel engines All bellhousings within this range can be finished machined to accept any, piston, vane or gear pump interfaces requested by customer. As with the electric motor range of product jbj offer complete solutions for ATEX environments, using our well proven 'JXL' coupling range which has standard design to connect to the engine flywheel. Directive 2014/34/EU II2GD-IM2-TX -50°C ≤ Service Temp ≤ +105°C. Harmonised Standards: BS EN 1127:1 BS EN 13463:1 BS EN 13463:5 BS EN 50303. Petrol Engine – Hydraulic Pump Adaptors Petrol engine adaptors have been developed for use with industrial petrol engines. Design exists to suit Honda, Briggs and Stratton, Kawasaki, Kubota, Hatz, Mag, Robin, Suzuki, Winsconsin, to name but a few, all adaptors can be finished to accept most hydraulic pumps. Adaptors to suit engine crankshaft drives and for vertical mounting are available on request. #DriveLineHarmony to Large Combinations Small Individual Components

to Large Combinations from Small Individual Components ensuring a continuing high quality service in which customers can have complete confidence. Driveline H jbj Techniques is a specialist supplier of high-quality products for the mechanical power transmission and fluid power sectors. The company offers a high level of in-house expertise plus a huge selection of products to meet a very broad range of customer applications. From specification, through technical advice and manufacture to after-sales support, jbj Techniques provides a comprehensive and valued service to the power transmission and hydraulics industries. The company fields a UK-wide team of technical sales engineers to ensure that the business is close to its customers, and it enjoys excellent associations with European manufacturers, acting as sole UK distributor in many cases. jbj’s team is recognised for its expertise in the selection and configuration of hydraulic and mechanical transmission systems. Able to draw on an that extensive product range provides the building blocks for bespoke systems both large and small, the in-house design team offers a complete service, ranging from an assessment of customer requirements to full technical backup, including product specification, CAD based system design, system build and certification. Moreover customers can take advantage of jbj’s own machine-shop facilities and skilled engineers guarantee to quality and control costs. jbj Techniques provides one of the widest ranges of couplings available within the UK; mechanical power transmission couplings for a vast range of applications. Ranging from miniature couplings, all steel gear couplings, flexible spider couplings, shaft couplings, torque limiting couplings, disc and grid type couplings, ATEX compliant and shaft locking devices. Magnetic couplings for power transmission between hermetically sealed areas. However as extensive as the selection is, couplings make up a fraction of jbj’s portfolio. As power transmission specialists the company stock and provide gearboxes, clutches, pumps, hydraulic motors, flow meters, fluid power accessories including: cooling & heat exchange products, reservoirs, pipe flanges, seals and level indicators, as well as a variety of bellhousings and engine adaptors, to name just a few of the product categories. jbj Techniques Limited is proud of it’s relationship and reputation with customers and suppliers. The core client base is stable and loyal, which is testament to the quality of service provided by the company. A similar relationship exists with suppliers, ensuring a continuing high quality service in which customers can have complete confidence. Dampers Engine Adaptor Kits Hydraulic Adaptors Torque Limiting Couplings Tyre Couplings Anti-static/Flameproof Couplings Torsionally Rigid Couplings Torsionally Flexible Couplings Bellhousings Permanent Magnetic Couplings Torsional Couplings

Harmony comprehensive range of components an excellence in engineering 01737 767493 - registered in England No: 1185469 - jbj Techniques Limited is ISO certificated, committed to international coordination & unification of industrial standards. A range of products ATEX certificated to directive 94/9/E requirements You Tube Screw Pumps Pneumatic Motors & Starters Gear Pumps/Motors Axial & Radial Piston Motors Vane Pumps LSHT Motors/Geared Motors Splitter Gearboxes Planetary Gearboxes BDS Clutches BD Clutches & Gearboxes Oil Bath Clutches Flow Dividers Tanks/Accessories Fluid Level Indicators Flanges Mini Power Packs Coolers Pressure Intensifiers

registered in England No: 1185469 jbj Techniques Limited is ISO certificated, committed to international coordination & unification of industrial standards. A range of products ATEX certificated to directive 94/9/EC requirements jbj Techniques Limited 28 Trowers Way Holmethorpe Industrial Estate Redhill Surrey RH1 2LW. UNITED KINGDOM 01737 767493 quality products for mechanical & fluid power You Tube