pressure intensifiers available from jbj Techniques Limited

® patented Elika profile is everything an excellence in engineering 01737 767493 - registered in England No: 1185469 - jbj Techniques Limited is ISO certificated, committed to international coordination & unification of industrial standards. A range of products ATEX certificated to directive 94/9/E requirements Low pressure supplied to the inlet port eg: 15 - 200 bar / 218 - 2,900 psi ~ is transformed to a higher pressure at the outlet port ~ from20 - 4,000 bar / 290 - 58,000 psi. The diagram shows the basic principle of the pressure intensifiers, consisting of a piston arrangement, a Piston Control Valve PCV, Check Valves CV1 & CV2 and the Pilot Operated check Valve POV. The outlet pressure will always be proportionate to the supplied pressure. These pressure intensifiers are based on a piston principle, where a larger diameter piston pushes a smaller diameter piston, thus increasing the pressure to a factor equal to the ratio: Larger diameter area divided by smaller diameter area. The ScanWill compact hydraulic pressure intensifiers offer an easy, energy-saving, safe and cost-efficient solution to achieving a higher output pressure froman existing low-pressure power source. ScanWill’s pressure intensifiers are offered in cast iron and steel, with a chrome finish, as well as in stainless steel for the oil & gas sector. You Tube