pressure intensifiers available from jbj Techniques Limited

Plastic Injection Moulding Machines In plastic injection moulding machines the MP Series of hydraulic pressure intensifiers are used to supply an increase to the available pressure enabling easy removal of the cores from the mould, increasing the pressure ensures that the cores are kept in place during the moulding process. This in turn increases the clamping force of the mould parts alleviating the need to remove excess material from the finished components. In order to keep the cycle time to a minimum the intensifiers are typically positioned in parallel with a pilot operated check valve, which allows the full fluid flow. When the higher pressure is required, the pilot operated check valve closes, and the intensifier will increase the pressure as needed. Once the higher pressure is reached, the full flow returns. This sequence is fully automatic, and does not require any additional controls. Suggested circuit: Pressure Intensifiers Application Examples #DriveLineHarmony 14