Advantages of the Lovejoy Grid Coupling » High tensile, shot-peened alloy steel grid springs and precision machined hubs ensure superior coupling performance and long life. » Lovejoy’s grid couplings with tapered grids are designed to be interchangeable with other industry standard grid couplings with both horizontal and vertical grid covers. » Lovejoy grid couplings are designed for ease of installation and maintenance reducing labour and downtime costs. » The torsional flexibility and resilience of Lovejoy grid couplings helps reduce vibration and cushions shock and impact loads. » Cover fasteners can be provided in either Inch or Metric sizes. » Excellent for use in applications where the equipment is close coupled or spaced apart requiring a spacer style coupling arrangement. » Stock spacer designs are available or requests for custom spacer lengths can be addressed by jbj Techniques Limited. #DriveLineHarmony www.jbj.co.uk/spider-couplings.html