high/low 2 stage gear pumps available from jbj Techniques Limited

1PHL High/Low hydraulics gear pumps are the ultimate pump for applications which require a fast approach and/or return of the actuator at low loads and slow motion of the actuator at high loads. In particular this model offers the advantage of requiring lower power of the motor. 1PHL High/Low hydraulic gear pump is a specifically designed as shown in the double stage pump with special integrated valves hydraulic circuit diagram. specially designed for applications such as: waste compactors 8 log splitters 8 clamp mechanisms 8 crimping machines 8 metal forming machines, etc. 8 High/Low Multiple Hydraulic Gear Pumps 1PHL Series For system operating conditions other than indicated and further details please contact - jbj Techniques Limited technical office, telephone: or email: 01737 767493 info@jbj.co.uk Technical Features First stage, low displacement, high pressure Second stage, high displacement, low pressure Unloading valve RPM pump range Ports Flanges and shafts from 1.1 cm³/rev to 3.2 cm³/rev - P1 = 230 bar from 3.7 cm³/rev to 8.0 cm³/rev - (Pressure set by unloading valve) Standard setting 30 bar from 1000 rpm to 3500 rpm Common inlet. Common outlet. Side ports code FG As 1P, K1P, 1BK models ( ) ref. 1P catalogue 1 2 3 1) First stage high pressure 2) Second stage low pressure 3) Unloading valve 8 #DriveLineHarmony www.jbj.co.uk/high-low-gear-pumps.html