high/low 2 stage gear pumps available from jbj Techniques Limited

® patented Elika profile is everything an excellence in engineering 01737 767493 info@jbj.co.uk www.jbj.co.uk - registered in England No: 1185469 - jbj Techniques Limited is ISO certificated, committed to international coordination & unification of industrial standards. A range of products ATEX certificated to directive 94/9/E requirements www.jbj.co.uk/ .html pumps motors and Low noise, low pulsation helical gear pumps in group II, III & multiple formats Allow close coupling of hydraulic pumps directly to the flywheel / flywheel housing of diesel engines, electric and hydraulic motors. www.jbj.co.uk/hydraulic-adaptors.html Gear pump high pressure, teflon shaft seal can bear over-pressures of over 210 bar. A system of radial sealing at the shaft that can bear enormous internal over-pressures without resulting in damage. This radial sealing is particularly useful in single direction hydraulic motors when, in certain conditions of use, high over-pressures will be generated at the motor output. With bi-directional motors, the area adjacent to the seal ring of the drive-shaft is maintained at atmospheric pressure by the drainage circuit. In single-direction motors, this area is directly connected to the output so any over-pressure impacts directly on the seal ring, causing the lip to turn over or the ring to be expelled from its seat with a consequent leakage of fluid. The Teflon (P450) material adapts evenly to the texture of the machining on the shaft to guarantee a perfect seal. Reduce noise levels by an average of 15 dBA. Including group 2, 3 and multiple pumps. The helical profile of the gears reduces pressure oscillations and vibrations produced by the pump and transmitted to the other components, reducing the noise of the hydraulic system. Axial forces induced by the helical teeth are optimally balanced in al l operat ing condi t ions by the axial compensation system integrated in the pump cover. Specific compensation areas into flange and cover, insulated by special gaskets reinforced with anti-extrusion, allow for fully free axial and radial movement of the bushings, which is proportional to pump operating pressure. In this way, internal leakage is dramatically reduced, ensuring very good volumetric and mechanical pump performances, as well as proper lubrication of pump’smoving parts. The package consists of a bellhousing and flexible drive coupling that are fully machined to suit the pump and any driving interface; diesel or petrol engine, electric or hydraulic motor. jbj's in-house design team and manufacturing faci l i ty provide tai lored solut ions for your applications at competitive prices with quick delivery. A range of composite bellhousings to accommodate electric motor flanges from 300 mm diameter to 800 mm diameter. See pages 40 to 44 of the Pump Drive Components technical specification catalogue. Acollection of different ways of connecting hydraulic pumps andmotors to various driver devices. FEA of teflon high pressure seal You Tube