Torsional couplings available from jbj Techniques Limited

TORSIONAL COUPLINGS PUMP MOUNTING PLATES 31 » Available for SAE 0 - SAE 6, larger sizes available on request. » Standard SAE 2/4 bolt mounting and pump pilots. » European 4 bolt/DIN mountings. » Dished/curved designs and specials. » Steel or SG Iron. Spacer Rings & Increasing/ReducingSpacer Rings Spacer rings are available for all SAE bellhousing sizes 0,1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. These rings will provide additional space standoff from the engine flywheel housing and the pump mounting spacer plate. In most cases, the standard pump mounting spacer plate will provide the necessary area between the flywheel and the pump for proper Torsional coupling. When ordering spacer rings, specify the SAE bellhousing size and required thickness, T. Example: Spacer ring, SAE 3/12.7, minimum thickness is 10 mm, use increments of 1 mm. Increasing ring, SAE 4/3/25, minimum thickness is 25 mm, use increments of 1 mm. Below are examples of our adaptors specially produced to facilitate pump mountings in situations where SAE standard close coupling format is not available. This bellhousing and coupling arrangement is typical of a wide variety offered for small industrial petrol and diesel engines. Intended for engines with output shaft, these mounting kits are capable of accommodating many types of hydraulic pump. The diesel engine coupling assembly illustrated is composed of interchangeable hub components common to our other adaptors. Above is one of our front mounting adaptors devised for air- cooled diesel engines offering a front PTO facility. The drive couplings are individually tailored to suit. Makes for which we can offer these adaptors are: Deutz, Lombardini, Lamborghini, Ruggerini, Same and VM etc. #DriveLineHarmony