SITEX® ST gear couplings available from jbj Techniques Limited #DriveLineHarmony Recommended lubricants Coupling lubrication is important for a long coupling duration. 1. Standard speed and load Agip GR MV/EP 1 Amoco coupling grease API: API grease PGX-0 Caltex Coupling Grease Castrol Impervia MDX Chevron Polyurea grease EP0 Esso Fibrax 370 Fina Marson EPL 1 Kübler Klüberplex GE 11-680 IP: ATHESIA-EPO Mobil Mobilux EP0, Mobilgrease XTC Q8 Rembrandt EP0 Shell Alvania grease EP R-0 or EP 1 Albida GC Texaco Coupling Grease Total Specis EPG Tribol 3020/1000-1 Unirex RS 460, Pen-0- Led EP 2. High speed (> 50 m/s), high loads Caltex Coupling Grease Klüber Klüberplex GE 11-680 Mobil Mobilgrease XTC Shell Albida GC1. Installation and Maintenance ® SITEX ST Gear Couplings 9