SITEX® ST gear couplings available from jbj Techniques Limited #DriveLineHarmony Model Types ® SITEX ST Gear Couplings 2 Special Model Types Special executions are available for any application need. Accurate finite element analysis can be made for special high demanding applications. Corrosion Protection ® SITEX ST couplings are protected against corrosion with a special surface treatment. Mounting and dismounting are, therefore, guaranteed even after many years of use in difficult environment conditions. GST Type C Standard type with 2 hubs and one sleeve. Allows for axial, angular, and radial misalignment. Long hub version also available. Offers compact, powerful design, and easy assembly. GST Type CV Standard type made of a single hub and one sleeve. It is also available in long hub execution. Offers an economical solution to an application without radial misalignment. GST Type CF Flanged type made of 2 semi couplings. Flanges dimensions are according to AGMA standards (type A-B-C). They will fit any AGMA standard half. SITEX® ST Model Types