SPEED INCREASING & REDUCING GEARBOXES Selection: The power and torque capacity of the unit will vary according to the selected ratio. The published maximum torque figure is the theoretical permissible limit for operation during a 5000 hour period at an input speed of 2000 rpm. The maximum engine power indicates the horsepower that may be transmitted under normal conditions without an oil cooling system. These limits give merely an indication and ignore such factors as ambient temperature, air circulation, application, etc. For assistance please contact jbj Techniques Limited technical department, telephone: 01737 767493 or email: info@jbj.co.uk Installation: The RM - GR & RM - BD units have been specially designed for close coupling to industrial diesel engines and consequently are constructed with a single support bearing on the input shaft and must therefore utilise a pilot bearing. Before mounting onto the engine it is wise to ensure that the engine housing and flywheel conform to the mounting specification provided on the gearbox unit. When mounting an RM unit with coupling, lightly smear the input spline with graphite grease. When installing an RM - BDS unit take care to mount unit with shaft axis horizontal and on common base with prime mover. Satisfactory alignment between drive coupling and input shaft should be achieved in order to avoid axial and radial loads on the input shaft. When fitting coupling to input shaft special care should be taken. The coupling should extend beyond the shaft end so that when it is secured with bolt and washer (A) it makes contact with shaft shoulder (B) coupling bore tolerance of N8 is recommended. Note: Coupling should be fitted to shaft by using securing bolt since axial shock loads are not permitted. Operation: A) When disengaged, the clutch unit may be driven for extended periods. B) To engage, reduce engine speed to idle or tickover before engaging. Avoid slipping the clutch to bring the machinery up to operating rpm. After engagement increase engine rpm to operating speed. C) Before disengaging, reduce engine speed to idle to avoid snatch on drive plates. Lubrication: RM units are supplied without oil. Before use, fill to maximum mark on dipstick. Ep90 gear oil such as BP ENERGOL Cs150 is recommended. The lubricant must be replaced after the first 100 hours use. Subsequent oil changes should be made every 500 - 1000 hours dependent upon the application, or every 6 months, whichever is the sooner. Check the oil level regularly. Maintenance: Lightly grease bearings and cross shaft every 300 hours and on BD1100-BD3500 and BDS2200 units grease release bearing every 100 hours. Use high quality density 2 grease such as BP ENERGREASE LSEP2. DO NOT OVER-GREASE. Your jbj clutch is a quality unit with self adjustment capability to compensate for moderate wear. However after considerable usage manual adjustment will be necessary. Ensure that the clutch is adjusted correctly. If the lever requires a little effort to engage or if the clutch begins to